Homegrown’s Picks From Music Last Week: Pritt, Davesar, Moko Koza & More

Homegrown’s Picks From Music Last Week: Pritt, Davesar, Moko Koza & More

Homegrown loves bringing to you emerging artists and those who have established a niche in alternate genres hidden from the mainstream. Keeping things super fresh, we will be curating a weekly list of numbers we could not get enough of through the week and that we know will earworm themselves to your heart as well.

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Davesar ft Bella Human ‘Lost To No One’

New York - Mumbai based music producer and singer Davesar collaborates with Dutch-South African NYC-based singer, songwriter and pianist Bella Human on their latest single Lost To No One. What instantaneously connects the two artists is their exploration of vulnerability through their craft. The single engages with the theme of love and explores it from a different perspective. Lost to No One chronicles relationships wherein the ideology is that partners engage in romance the same way a soldier sprints across a battlefield – its always a fight that must be won or lost. The song disintegrates this illusion of battle, and subsequently all terminology of the dichotomy between losing or winning. It reflects that even after love is lost, growth and determined compassion towards the self can thrive.

Dystorizon ‘Escape Velocity’

Multidisciplinary artist Dystorizon is the alias of Kshitij Singh, an electronic music producer, audio engineer, video artist, educator and DJ hailing from Bhopal, India currently based in Valencia, Spain. His debut EP ‘Escape Velocity’ is a four track experimental electronic downtempo music. Of the EP, he said “Escape Velocity is about redefining the way we understand music and finding a different perspective around it ​in order to see what’s beyond reality. ​It’s an outcome of this quest for exploring different sonic textures, how they correspond to emotions and how rhythm and pitch infuse to form what we perceive as music.”

Moko Koza x Yelhomie x Tsumyoki ‘Big Shots’

A Nagaland (Moko Koza), Goa(Tsumyoki) and Manipur (Yelhomie) collaboration by the three artists hailing from those states, Big Shots is a complete vibe. The high-energy performances adding an added sense of spunk, fun and liveliness to the hip-hop number. The rustic feeling aesthetic of the video further heightens this sense of youth and freshness.

Artist On Our Radar:

Khanvict ‘Closer’

Making waves with his latest single ‘Closer’ is electronic artist Khanvict who’s recent single features LA based Indian model, Seema Hari which aims to explore how issues of color and cast affect the South Asian community as well as touches upon the subject of female empowerment.

“I’d say my work lives in a blend of a couple of worlds that I was brought up in - through my experiences at music festivals I was inspired by artists like CloZee and Troyboi but growing up in Pakistan I naturally also love classical and folk south asian music. So it’s a marriage of those two worlds - future bass/trap meets folk punjabi lyrics and some instrumentation which is native to classical South-Asian music like sitar/santoor/sarangi/etc. I recently read this in an article and I thought it was very well written in a way to describe my sound: Asad Khan aka Khanvict functions just outside the meeting ground of future bass and modern Punjabi folktronica, and never fully abandons the adventurous edge” he tells us post his latest release.

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