How Arbor Brew Company & The Kerehaklu Plantation Created Their New Coffee Berry Beer

How Arbor Brew Company & The Kerehaklu Plantation Created Their New Coffee Berry Beer
L: Kerehaklu R: Arbor Brew Company

'The Lazy Drongo' is a coffee berry beer that has recently been released at Arbor Brew Company with Kerehaklu Plantation is a complex drink. A coffee-berry beer is unheard of. But it is also a true representative of the creative collaboration between two institutions that have their legacies, and the integrity of their focus products as well.

Kerehaklu is a Chikmagalur-based coffee plantation and eco-resort. The plantation which has been spread over 250 acres produces an array of speciality Arabica and Robusta coffee, in coexistence with the local biodiversity. The coffee berries are processed meticulously - washed, processed with honey and naturally, with varying experimental and replicable fermentation conditions and times. All to result in varieties that are cupped and scored by professional Q- graders every harvest. The brand’s produce has been profiled and launched by several reputed roasters including Subko, Blue Tokai, Corridor Seven and more.

Arbor Brew Company is a brand whose story began 25 years or so ago. In 1991, the brand was founded by a passionate brewer Matt Greff. He made his first batch of homebrew then and the rest, as they say, is history. In 1995, he opened his first brewery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the next 20 years, he made it into an institution that played a key role in the American craft brew revolution. Gaurav Sikka, during his time studying abroad, discovered the magic of this craft brew while at the University of Michigan. In hopes of bringing his favourite brew to his home turf, he reached out to the Arbor Brew Company. Suffice it to say, there was a place for an institution of this sort in Bangalore and Arbor Brew Company opened in the Garden City 2012 and has continued to be a favourite among the people. In 2018, they extended their operations to Goa - opening a production brewery and beer garden.

But to the beer in question — The Lazy Drongo is a drink that signifies the passion for experimentation and reputation for innovation these brands harbour. At Kerehaklu, the cascara or the outer skin of the coffee cherry is usually composed after acquiring the coffee bean. But they all knew that it was a product with immense potential, if used right. But after inspiration struck the people behind Arbor Brew Company after trying out a cascara iced drink, they reached out to Kerehaklu. Their vision was to source high-quality cascara from Kerehaklu and create a complex, big-bodied beer that carried its sharp yet tart notes. After weeks of work and meticulous planning, the Lazy Drongo was created — a Cascara Saison. Without attempting to get too technical, a Saison is a Belgian-style pale ale, typically with a fruity flavour, but the team refers to this one as having earthy notes. So if you’re a connoisseur of craft beers, a lover of good coffee, or better yet, passionate about both — this drink might be one you ought to sample.

From July 2nd, this drink is now on taps but only at the Arbor Brew Company on Magrath Road in Bangalore. In introducing the beer, the Instagram description reads, ‘Be prepared to experience the earthy notes of cascara, balanced with the craftsmanship of Pranoy, Hollis and the ABC Brewing Team.’

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