India Gets Its First Homegrown Vegan Dye Brand

India Gets Its First Homegrown Vegan Dye Brand

Revamping the narrative behind dyed hair and adding an unabashedly bold yet bright twist to it is nascent label (Birds of) Paradyes. Paradyes boasts of being the first wholly homegrown hair dye brand curating vegan and cruelty-free hair dyes in the Indian market.

The modernistic label is the brainchild of Yushika Jolly whose personal experience of experimenting with hair dyes from her family’s factory gave birth to her love for hair dyeing as a sense of personal expression.

What began as carefree experiments with her hair slowly stemmed into a thriving business opportunity and eventually gave way to foundation for the brand that Paradyes is today.

  “In 2017 when I moved to London, I found a large variety of readily available fashion hair colours at local drugstores. This led to a year and a half of hair colour experiments, trying products from every possible brand available, and weighing the pros and cons. I had become the go-to person for hair colouring advice. After returning to India, I once again faced the lack of readily available DIY hair colour options. I decided to turn years of experiments with my hair colour into the foundation for the brand that Paradyes is today.”

— Yushika Jolly, Founder, Paradyes

Banking on her family business of dyes and intermediates, Yushika teamed up with professionals and began R&D to formulate hair colours in her lab. The brand currently offers a wide range of hair dyes best suited to Indian hair and relies on a strong Make in India ethos.

Putting a sustainable foot forward, from stringent quality control to excitingly recyclable packaging that features a reusable glass jar and bamboo brush, the label is mindful of keeping a check on its carbon footprint.

Ever-changing, vibrant, and confident is how the label describes itself as it navigates through providing ample insight on the art of DIY hair dyeing and breaking barriers around the stigma of experimenting with your hair.

  “There are several myths about the damage that colouring might cause to your hair. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of understanding around the common question of ‘to colour or not to colour?’. With Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors, the answer is quite simple – Yes! Definitely colour. We are here to inform our customers and audience about how they can experiment and style their hair without damaging them! Our products are Ammonia-free, Paraben-free, PPD-free, and Damage-free. We’re also always striving to reinvent ourselves in the hair-cosmetic industry and continuously add to our spectrum of colour.”

— Paradyes

In terms of building a brand image, the brand is also honing the representation of Brown models and aesthetics to shy away from overused and whitewashed images of the west hogging the limelight in the beauty industry. The message is loud and clear: Homegrown all the way!

The label plans to expand and carve its niche in the Indian cosmetic market as it plans to launch a line of bleach products later this year – you heard it from us first!

If you’re looking for a fun pastime to unleash your inner spunk and would like to indulge in pinks, blues, and tangerine, then Paradyes’s range of fun dyes is your ultimate answer.

Check out the label’s products here.

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