Indian Artisanal Jewelry Labels For The Bohemian Spirit In You

Indian Artisanal Jewelry Labels For The Bohemian Spirit In You

The secret to amping up an outfit lies in crafty accessorizing. Taking a note from our favourite style icons like ASAP Rocky, Rihanna or even Harry styles, we deduce artisanal bling to be the most covetable fashion accessory right now.

Today we understand the act of buying jewellery as a personal statement that embodies our personality and represents a progressive notion of expression and inclusivity.

Whether you’re looking to cop some elegant bling for daily wear or a gem-studded statement piece to turn heads, here are some exciting artisanal jewellery labels we’re loving at the moment.

Artisanal Jewllery labels

I. Zohra Rahman

For Pakistani designer, Zohra Rahman, the art of jewellery making goes beyond honing a fashion label and becomes a service aimed at community building through reviving the spirit of indigenous craftsmanship.

An alumnus of Central Saint Martins, Zohra kickstarted her eponymous label after returning to her hometown Lahore. Earthy designs inspired by natural elements of flora and fauna, the jewellery line embodies a textural rawness and old-world charm that is translated into forever pieces. The designer works in a personal studio consisting of a close-knit team of artisans individually trained by her in mastering age-old design techniques.

Each piece is handmade with love and creative experimentation consisting of silversmithing techniques. All of this is why the label is undeniably a top pick for us.

View the brand here.

II. Roma Narsinghani

Delivering jewellery with finesse is the brand Roma Narsinghani which creates brass jewellery and is a lyrical ode to the bold yet sophisticated woman.

Roma Narsinghani curates a collection that asks us to imagine a world where humans move and love freely. Blending in the structure of geometry with fluidity in shapes, symbolizing the tough exterior with a super soft interior of the human personality, the pieces of jewellery will not just be mere pieces of metal but will instead become a part of you.

View the brand here.

III. One Nought One One

“Anyone seeking statement accessories that lift eyes and turn heads should own a piece by 1011,” reads the label’s branding and we strongly agree.

One Nought One One is an accessories label founded by two madcap design graduates who share a common love for all things creative. Offering a range of modern, contemporary accessories with a minimalist approach for a maximalist impact, the label’s eclectic designs and raw finishes make it simply irresistible.

Break the monotony that surrounds our everyday life with elements of quirk, the label’s handcrafted trinkets incorporate smart elements of geometry to create delicate designs that can be personalized for your individual style.

View the brand here.

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