Indian Rapper Shia's New Single Celebrates Femininity & Embraces Brown Sisterhood

Indian Rapper Shia's New Single Celebrates Femininity & Embraces Brown Sisterhood

When it comes to creative spaces, more often than not it is men who not only occupy the table but also decide who gets to place their chair at it. But for as long as there has been a glass ceiling, there have been women who have transcended and smashed these ceilings into shards. As Ariana Grande said, “God is a woman” and as Taylor Swift said, ‘I wanna love glitter, and also stand up for the double standards that exist in our society. I wanna wear pink, and tell you how I feel about politics.” The past two decades particularly have seen women globally embrace their femininity and not feel the need to be like ‘men’ to be heard (the writer of this article, obviously refuses to acknowledge the capitalistic bent of the ‘girlboss’ era).

Among those artists, is Mumbai-based rapper Shia who, in her own words, “...essentially represents brown women trying to break stereotypes by entering a male-dominated industry.” The upcoming female rapper hopes that through her music she can inspire other young women to do the same. What sets the rapper apart from her contemporaries is her captivating approach to songwriting and her seamless fusion of pop-rap. Her lyricism is poignant, unpretentious and is an unapologetic reflection of her personality. Perhaps that is the reason why the young rapper has been earmarked by visionaries such as Prabh Deep as having the potential to be a defining voice in the future of Indian independent music.

Her latest single ‘Boon’ is a collaboration with the artist Zero Chill and is produced by the music label Purple Wave. The experimental and innovative track is a refreshing take that subverts the traditional rhyme scheme that dominates rap verses. In a bold turn away from traditional rhyme schemes and cliched narratives, Shia opts to utilise Zero’s off-kilter sample-centric production as she pens down lyrics that can be interpreted as a contemporary celebration of the feminine space. A true-blue artist of the new age, Shia’s self-expression shines through her lyricism and her comfort in her femininity shows her self-assurance. The single is indicative of the multifaceted artist she is becoming and we can’t wait for all that she has in store in the coming years.

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