Indian Studio Gives Independent Musicians Support & A Platform To Create & Release Their Work

Indian Studio Gives Independent Musicians Support & A Platform To Create & Release Their Work
Compass Box Studio

At Homegrown, we have always believed in the significance of providing a platform to artists, brands and individuals that are taking up impeccable work in their respective fields. We believe in the infinite capabilities of the young Indian and hence, our work has been centred around giving such individuals a platform and recognizing their work. CompassBox Studios is one such collective that is doing similar work in the music space. Based in Ahemadabad, the studio wants to promote talent across Ahemadabad and India. They offer a professionally recorded, produced and mixed original single and music video, completely free of cost to artists that they believe in or they think have potential. While there is a plethora of talented musicians, it can often be challenging to get your material to the world. Without the economic and infrastructure requirements, their music often never sees the light of the day or is deprived of the adequate platform. Compass Box aims to make the execution process slightly easier by focusing on generating awareness and providing the artists with the appropriate resources.

Their clientele boasts of artists such as Hanita Bhambri, Aditi Ramesh and Ahmedabad’s very own Time Wise. They have engaged in various forms of production with them and have even managed to record full-fledged music videos in single takes. Their work is driven by a motivation to help as many artists as they can and consecutively, mould the larger identity of Indian musicians.

Interested collective and artists can send their original music to

Experience their sound and understand their work via their YouTube.

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