India’s First Food Museum Explores How Food Reaches Our Plates

India’s First Food Museum Explores How Food Reaches Our Plates
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Much of the food we are blessed with and the meals we consume come from places and people we know very little about. Our appreciation for them may be subdued and underplayed but their hard work and skills along with the knowledge of what India’s lands offer us as food require awareness and acknowledgement.

India’s first Food Museum in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu aims to bring about a change in this sphere. Our lack of knowledge in this field directly impacts our perception of the various industries involved, but more than anything, it unfairly minimizes the role of the people making it possible for us to consume the food we love. The museum covers India’s agriculture, cuisines, distribution methods, and more.

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The Food Corporation of India (FCI) set this museum up in collaboration with Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM) in the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, and through virtual displays and digital tools such as virtual reality sets and projections, the museum sheds light on the various aspects of the Indian food industry.

A few important themes explored in this museum include the history of foragers; where the evolution of agricultural systems is discussed, food storage; where the methods of keeping food safe for long are spoken of, last mile distribution; where we see how the food travels from the producer to the consumer through every stop in between, and finally, the operations of the FCI.

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The Food Museum not only plays an important role in shaping our society’s perspective toward food as a whole but also in how we think of all that goes into it before it reaches our homes. A large industry thriving in itself, the food, agriculture, and logistics of supplying food to India is no less than a miraculous task.

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