‘Jardin Intergalactique’: An Extraterrestrial Visual Story Exploring Disconnection & Intimacy

‘Jardin Intergalactique’: An Extraterrestrial Visual Story Exploring Disconnection & Intimacy
Image Courtesy: Ishaan Nair

A space-age story, ‘Jardin Intergalactique’ shot by Ishaan Nair, is an invitation to an extraterrestrial experience. Set in the Mumbai nursery, Plant People, the surrealist shots bring back themes of intimacy in a world that remains largely disconnected. With a focus on connection and nature, the subjects dominate the visual story with a yearning to discover human experience beyond the material world.

The art direction, make-up, hair, and styling play around with the surrounding intergalactic garden as a source of inspiration while the intimate shots closely capture the otherwise passive emotional expressions, forming an immersive experience for the viewer.

To get further insight into the creative inspiration and process we spoke to Ishaan, the photographer behind the fashion story. The visual artist is a stalwart in the industry with a long line of projects in commercial cinema, narrative fiction, fashion, and music videos.

‘Disconnected intimacy in an intergalactic garden’.What was the inception of this project? How did it come together?

I try not to be too cerebral when planning a shoot, it begins with a muse/model and then I just allow things to fall into place. The themes in most of my personal work are disconnected intimacy. Human beings today are so far from being connected, with themselves let alone others.

Image Courtesy: Ishaan Nair

In a deeply connected world, we seemingly are so disconnected. How has the concept of intimacy evolved?

I think the concept of intimacy has degenerated really, everyone seems to want intimacy for all the wrong reasons. The first intimate connection you need is one with yourself and the planet.

Your fashion editorial photography work has a distinctly surreal quality to them often steeped in neon highlights / what are you inspired by, and how has your craft evolved?

I’m trying to find a balance between technology and the human experience, setting this story in a nursery was not only trying to portray the human need to connect with nature, but also to show that nature has been constrained to small spaces. Even the image of Manshree (model) looking in the tank is meant to convey a yearning for more. The lighting is meant to act as a separator much like the glass between nature and her. My craft is very organic. I let my subjects tell the story and I don’t constrain myself to one lighting set-up or a tripod; the best shots just happen.

Image Courtesy: Ishaan Nair

With a space-age story, do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

I definitely believe in the divine and I think human science has not even scratched the surface in terms of knowledge of what the universe really is.

What do you hope for people to feel with this project?

I hope for people to resonate with the images in a way that makes them feel sexual, human and raw. It should help them put away their pigeonholed ideas of what life is and just engage with it in a very raw, visceral way.

Photography & Direction: @ishaannair7

Make up: @adhishreep

Location: @plantpeople.in

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