Khanvict’s Video ‘‘Closer’’ Packs Impactful Message Of Female Empowerment

Khanvict’s Video ‘‘Closer’’ Packs Impactful Message Of Female Empowerment

Making waves with his latest single ‘Closer’ is electronic artist Khanvict whose single features LA-based Indian model, Seema Hari which aims to explore how issues of color and cast affect the South Asian community as well as touches upon the subject of female empowerment.

Closer features as the first collaboration between model and anti-colourism activist Seema Hari and Khanvict. The software engineer and actor is known to be vocal against the blatant casteism and colourism that plagues our society and addresses the global cosmetic industries perpetuation of so-called fair, lightening and whitening products as well as other issues. The music video for the track, directed by filmmaker Anjali Nayar was shot during pandemic quarantine and finds its inspiration in moving and important stories coming out of BIPOC communities over the Summer of 2020.

The press release notes how “the three artists decided to explore how issues of colour and caste affect — and infect — the South Asian community.”

In the video, we see Hari essay the role of the protagonist Kali who goes to a ceremony where she consumes a pill, that alters her internal programming and mindset. The video also features her in whiteface, which Nayar says she used to show the effect of colorism on women in Indian and South Asian households across the world

She rages at all who are complicit. On the surface, she seems wild and raw, but that’s only partly true. Kali brings the death of ego, the illusory self-centred view of reality, that has created superficial and destructive world divides. As the protagonist (as Kali), sets the world alight, the sky turns from yellow (learning) to saffron (purification).

This video was apparently made as a creative outlet and expression of hope for a better and more equitable future where people are not judged based on who they are, who they love, and how they pray as per the press release.

 “The video is a symbolic statement on colourism, patriarchy, systemic oppression, capitalism — the evils destroying our world, all of which are heavily rooted in our unhealthy obsession with our egos.”

— – Seema Hari

Inspired by Bollywood composing legend AR Rahman and electronic artists such as CloZee and Troyboi, the tune incorporates female children’s choruses with a side of slamming bass drops and sharp percussion tinged with washes of an orchestra. The track stands out to be a seamless blend of different sounds that display the artists’s mastery in crafting a fusion takeover.

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