Kolkata, Attend A Zine-Making Workshop Inspired By Legendary Artist K.G. Subramanyan

Kolkata, Attend A Zine-Making Workshop Inspired By Legendary Artist K.G. Subramanyan
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K G Subramanyan, whose works are currently on display in the retrospective exhibition 'One Hundred Years and Counting: Re-Scripting K G Subramanyan,' is known for his diverse and innovative approach to art. His oeuvre, spanning over seven decades, includes paintings, reverse acrylic works, intricate gouaches, and inventive toys. Subramanyan’s versatility and his knack for storytelling through visual art make his work an ideal inspiration for this hands-on workshop.

The workshop will be an immersive experience where participants can engage with Subramanyan’s motifs and techniques. Under the expert guidance of Amritah Sen, participants will explore three core aspects of visual storytelling: creating visual narratives, the application of colour, and the use of various forms and mediums. These elements are central to Subramanyan’s art and offer a rich ground for creative exploration.

One of the primary focuses of the workshop is on understanding and applying the art of visual storytelling. Participants will study Subramanyan’s narrative techniques, which often intertwine complex themes with playful elements. This segment will teach them how to structure and sequence stimages to createe compelling stories, enabling them to convey personal or imaginative tales through their zines. The ability to weave a narrative visually is a valuable skill that enhances both artistic expression and communication.

Subramanyan’s work is celebrated for its expressive use of colour. In the workshop, participants will delve into this aspect, experimenting with different colour palettes to understand their emotional and aesthetic impacts. This exploration will not only help them appreciate Subramanyan’s mastery of colour but also encourage them to develop their own unique styles. By manipulating colours, they will learn how to evoke moods and highlight themes in their zines, adding depth and resonance to their work.

A distinctive feature of Subramanyan’s art is his versatility in employing various forms and mediums. From drawings and collages to digital art, the workshop will encourage participants to experiment with a range of techniques. This open-ended approach aligns with Subramanyan’s own practice of blending different artistic forms to create multifaceted works. By exploring multiple mediums, participants can discover new ways of expression and innovation, broadening their artistic horizons.

On the following day, June 8th, the participants will have the opportunity to display their completed zines publicly. This exhibition will be complemented by a shadow puppetry performance and a film screening, creating a dynamic cultural event that celebrates their hard work and creativity. Certificates will be awarded to all participants, recognising their achievements and participation in this enriching experience.

Amritah Sen, the workshop’s facilitator, brings a wealth of experience and expertise. An alumnus of Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, and Santiniketan, with a specialisation in painting, Sen’s work is deeply rooted in narrative and oral histories. Currently, she specialises in making artist books and teaches at Lakshmipat Singhania Academy in Kolkata. Her background and approach make her an ideal guide for this workshop, as she blends technical skills with a profound understanding of narrative art.

Participants are advised to enroll early as the workshop capacity is limited. The necessary materials for zine-making will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own art stationery if they have specific preferences. Digital tools such as laptops or tablets are also recommended for those interested in digital manipulation of their works.

This Zine-Making Workshop is a celebration of K G Subramanyan’s legacy and an opportunity for young adults to find their voice in the world of visual art.

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