Kosha's Sustainable Winter Wear Is The Travel-Friendly Brand You Need

Kosha's Sustainable Winter Wear Is The Travel-Friendly Brand You Need

The widespreadness of environmental degradation is known by us all and, as a society, we can only become more aware of the harmful impact of our actions. So it’s only natural that Indian society is seeing a rise in sustainable products, even in the fashion industry. The trend, if we can call it that, of sustainable fashion promotes less wastefulness and an upcycling or recycling of discarded materials. While the latter allows the fashion industry’s creativity and eccentricity to flow freely, the ideal of reducing waste might go against the point of brands and labels: selling clothes. But, Kosha, for one is unbothered.

Kosha is a sustainable fashion brand that produces winter outerwear like jackets, coats and sweaters, gloves and scarves, and even mittens and thermals. Winter wear in India is already niche enough, targeting only those who live in hill stations and cold regions and people who like to hike in the winter. So, taking on the added responsibility of sustainability is commendable, especially when Kosha consciously avoids over-selling. Their store staff will ask you questions about your trip to determine how long you will require their products, so they can sell you the optimum amount–– not more.

Courtesy: Kosha (@koshatravelwear)

Kosha was birthed by one Mumbai family’s affinity for travel. From their grandmother, Preem Vazirani, a doctor who founded “The Globe Trotter’s Wardrobe” in the ‘90s, and grandfather, Aloo Vazirani, who started Davysons, a tailoring story for Bollywood clientele, Diipti and Yuktie inherited the travel bug and a love for clothing and entrepreneurship. Now, the two sisters’ flagship store and family legacy, Kosha, sits on Linking Road.

Most of Kosha’s products are made with natural, biodegradable fibres like Merino Wool and Bamboo and their sweaters and thermals are 100% organic. If bought online, their items are packaged in eco-friendly and reusable jute bags. To further drive home their mission of sustainability, they offer lifetime repairs for their products and have an in-house shop where worn garments can be repaired and recycled completely. Kosha prides instead of the durability of its products and tests it for rough terrain and low temperatures. In fact, the Indian Air Force has worn their gear while scaling Mt. Vinson in Antartica, a peak at 16,000 ft. Other than sustainable, their clothing is also inclusive of different body types. If you cannot find your size within their range, they will customise products to best fit you.

Kosha has stores in Bandra, Mumbai, and Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. You can even shop for their products online.

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