Label Story Mfg. Curates A Fashionable Blend Of Aesthetics & Consciousness

Label Story Mfg. Curates A Fashionable Blend Of Aesthetics & Consciousness

Craft based, authentic, and conscious is how Label Story mfg. describes itself.

In an era of growing consumer consciousness and the paradigm shift towards making a more authentic, fulfilling and kind way of living, there’s a steady surge in sustainable brands.

Story mfg. stands out with its seamless blend of aesthetics and consciousness. The homegrown label run by a husband and wife duo collaborates with a team of local artisans along with a large group of dyers, weavers, embroiderers, and tailors.

The labels’ garments offer a diverse range of Indian handloom techniques- ranging from funky tie-dyes to knitted pieces to block prints. Championing the desire to create clean-cut ensembles and charting an ethical course of designing, the label proves that fashion can be a form of social activism and empowerment.

From employing local artisans to using natural dyes and non-toxic elements, the future of fashion seems to be all about building an authentic medium of creativity.

Story mfg. can help create a more positive future. The labels’ natural indigo sourcing comes from an effort to fix nitrogen levels in over-tilled and farmed soil, and the dyeing process takes place in a re-planted forest where all our waste is used to fertilise the gardens.  

— Story mfg.

Story mfg. strives to constantly adapt a conscious way of living through fashion-forward designs and a thoughtful ethos that revolves around building better, kinder, and more ethically conscious products.

Check out the label here.

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