5 Successful Artificial Intelligence Based Start-Ups Led By Indian Women

5 Successful Artificial Intelligence Based Start-Ups Led By Indian Women
(L - Barkha Sharma by Analytics India Magazine; R - Morph.AI)

From breathalyser cars to heart rate monitoring t-shirts – with the advent of the internet, industries are undergoing metamorphosis by the minute. A prime field of technology currently shaping the future is AI. For the uninitiated, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence – the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems and machines.

With India advancing in the various facets of the technology spectrum, you can rest assured that Indian entrepreneurs, scientists, and developers are making wave in AI as well. While there are several notable AI startups and companies worth the mention, we decided to curate a list of successful Indian AI start-ups led by women. Enjoy!

I. Company: Bash.ai

Entrepreneur: Barkha Sharma

Domain: HR

Bash.ai uses cutting edge natural language processing methods and machine learning algorithms to automate HR responses and thus produce consistent employee experience. Spearheaded by Barkha Sharma’s vast HR experience, Bash.ai’s services such as post-hire orientation, ticketing, HR helpdesk, employee engagement and more can be accessed using instant messenger platform such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Skype.

II. Company: Morph.ai

Entrepreneur: Niyati Agarwal

Domain: Social Media


Having former expertise in social media handling, Niyati Agarwal, along with her co-founders Pratik Jain, Vipul Garg and Abhishek Gupta, gave birth to Morph.ai. Morph.ai creates chatbots for companies’ Whatsapp, Facebook, and websites to interact with the customers. It, thus, utilizes automation to improve a company’s social media management and helps businesses interact better with their customers.

III. Company: Vue.ai

Entrepreneur: Ashwini Asokan

Domain: Retail

Vue.ai is the retail industry’s leading artificial intelligence platform that promises Intelligent Retail Automation. Its parent company, Mad Street Den, was co-founded by the husband-wife duo of Ashwini Asokan, a designer, and Dr Anand Chandrasekaran, a neuroscientist. Using Image Recognition & Data Science, Vue.ai extracts product data from images and analyses it with user behavior helping different retail teams make better, faster decisions. Based in the United States, the company has its office in Chennai as well.

IV. Company: Niramai

Entrepreneur: Geetha Manjunath

Domain: Health


Niramai is the most awarded health-tech startup using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect early-stage breast cancer in a non-contact, non-invasive and privacy-aware manner. Founded by Geetha Manjunath, Niramai is an artificial intelligence-led diagnostic platform that uses patented thermal image processing and machine learning algorithms for reliable and accurate breast cancer screening. This affordable, accessible solution is available for women of all age groups.

V. Company: YouCode

Entrepreneur: Suriya Prabha K

Domain: Education

There’s no doubt that AI is bound to transform the world in the coming decades, and this social development-based startup is preparing just for that. YouCode’s goal is to enable kids to develop computational thinking and problem-solving foundation from a young age. Founded by Suriya Prabha K, YouCode runs unique ‘AI4KIDS’ camps across remote villages and government schools in Tamil Nadu, to inspire kids to be innovative and creative in the technology domain and, thus, be at the epicentre of the forthcoming AI revolution.

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