Biodegradable & Organic: Here’s India’s Eco-Friendly Alternative To Synthetic Pads

Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary NapkinsHeyday

While it is no secret that the standard sanitary pad is synthetic; a lot of people tend to overlook the dangers these pads pose in the long run, not just to us but to the environment as well. Deepanjali Dalmia, founder and brains behind Heyday, a brand that produces natural sanitary napkins elaborates on the same, “I strongly believe we have two homes: our bodies and the environment, and we must take care of both. The average woman used 11,000 - 17,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime!” Now imagine how much larger that number would be if you considered the rest of the population using sanitary pads.

Not only is Heyday pro-environmental, their products are also great, hygiene wise. Their all natural sanitary napkins help prevent rashes and allergies often experienced while using other sanitary napkins that cause the above due to the amount of plastics, bleach, polymers, perfumes, antibacterial agents and other toxins present. Having studied in two all-women’s institutions, Deepanjali was inclined towards doing meaningful work for the women around her. After graduating from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York with a major in Economics and Psychology, she worked as a financial consultant in Manhattan where she gained the financial know how required to fund and run a business. After two years of research and multiple tests, Heyday was born.

An end-to-end biodegradable product produced, even the final packaging is done in a paper mono carton. Thus, the full packet, including the cover and soiled napkin is 100% biodegradable. But perhaps the best bit of Heyday is how affordable they are as well! Heyday is currently available in Delhi and Mumbai, at select stores across the cities, with plans to launch an online store by the end of January.

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