#HGAcademy: Bombay Hemp Company’s Avnish Pandya Talks About The Cannabis Revolution In India

#HGAcademy: Bombay Hemp Company’s Avnish Pandya Talks About The Cannabis Revolution In India

#HGAcademy: At a time when our physical spaces are confined and movement is stifled, the only constant in our lives is our own creativity. For a while, we, at Homegrown have been toying with the idea of evolving our platform into space that inspires generations to believe that their career paths are not limited to those shaped by our society and that there is a world out there that where creative industries are thriving. Our sole motivation behind this attempt is to shift the needle in the Indian creative industries.

Homegrown as a brand has always stood for responding to the Indian youth’s needs, and to this end, we bring to you HG Academy, to teach you everything your school didn’t. As we spend our days inside our homes and within ourselves, HGAcademy with its commune of creative thought leaders and pioneers will teach you the basics that you might not get access to elsewhere. We hope for it to evolve into a culture of creation, collaboration, discovery through an exchange of thoughts & ideas. The coming weeks will see digital festivals, skill-building sessions, new personal & professional strategies and similar efforts towards connecting you to the world of creators to learn and be inspired. The aim is to deep-dive into the creative process, new ways of learning, re-imagination of old ways and experience and learn more.

This session, we have Avnish Pandya, Co-Founder and Director of Research & Development of Bombay Hemp Company with us to explain all things cannabis. Avnish is a self-taught science analyst who explores the universe of Hemp that’s buried under the overwhelming majority of traditional crops. Coming from an analytical background, he combines insights from business and policy with those from scientific domains in his revelations about Hemp.

Apart from research, he liaises with government officials at different levels to translate the company’s vision into results. He heads the medicine business at BOHECO.

Bombay Hemp Company, also popularly known as BOHECO (Bo-hee-ko) is a privately held company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Conceived to research on and promote the industrial hemp super crop in India, BOHECO’s operations range from research, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, trading, wholesaling, retailing, innovating, advocating and promoting industrial hemp in India. They use public-private partnerships, contractual farming and processing, subsidiaries and collaborative research model to build the industrial hemp ecosystem in India. They go beyond the realm of a traditional agriculture manufacturing company because of their social engagement with rural communities and active work on creating an entire industry and ecosystem in the country.

Below are Avnish’s recommendations for the best of content to educate yourself on the Hemp revolution in India:


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