How &Me's Period Box Is Helping Women Cope With Menstrual Health

How &Me's Period Box Is Helping Women Cope With Menstrual Health
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Imagine it’s that time of the month again and Aunty Flo takes over your body and mind, leaving you cribbing and cringing about how hopeless your life is, or how nobody loves you, how you have no friends, how you want all the chocolate in the world, yada, yada, yada! Yes, we’ve all been there, and it’s not a good place to be in. However, how would it feel if you suddenly had someone to understand you and cater to your whims and fancies? No points for guessing that most women around the world would be absolutely ecstatic if the chances of something like this becomes even remotely true.

&Me, founded by Ankur Goyal and Sheta Mittal, India’s first Women’s Health Brand aims for just this and solves women’s needs across period health, beauty and fitness, as well as nutritional and recreational needs through their products. The brand believes in making products specifically for the female body, which needs more nutrients on a daily basis than a male of a similar age. Each of their products contains over 25 ingredients from modern nutrition science and Ayurvedic herbs.

Catering exclusively to women’s health and hygiene, &Me’s products also make sure that women get their nutritional and emotional needs fulfilled with their new Period Box, which includes chocolates, a period tea, and sanitary pads. The Period Tea relieves the body of cramps, fatigue, bloating and mood swings, while the chocolates ensure that you are relieved of those overwhelming cravings for something sweet during those days of the month.

An all-in-one feminine product, it makes sure that you engage in self-care practices throughout the year or whenever you feel the need to revamp yourself or your lifestyle choices.

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