Researchers At IIT Madras Develop AI Technology That Converts Brain Signals Into Language

Researchers At IIT Madras Develop AI Technology That Converts Brain Signals Into Language
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A revolutionary Artificial Intelligence technology has been created by researchers from IIT Madras that can convert signals received from brain activity of speech impaired humans into language. In addition to this, the interface can interpret signals from the environment such as photosynthesis process or plant’s response to external forces and collect their real data signal.

Over the years a lot of researchers and scientists all over the world have used different technology to interpret brain signals and generate natural-sounding speech through technology.

Electrical signals, brain signals or any signals, are waveforms that are decoded using physical law or mathematical transforms such as Fourier Transform or Laplace transform (discovered by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier and Pierre-Simon Laplace respectively) for meaningful interpretation.

IIT-M’s, department of Mechanical Engineering’s assistant professor Dr. Vishal Nandigana who led the team of researchers, in a press release said, “The output result (of brain signals) is the ionic current, which represents the flow of ions which are charged particles. These electrically driven ionic current signals are worked on to be interpreted as human language meaning speech. This would tell us what the ions are trying to communicate with us. When we succeed with this effort, we will get electrophysiological data from the neurologists to get brain signals of speech impaired humans to know what they are trying to communicate.”

As per Dr. Nandigana, the big breakthrough of the technology will be to interpret what plants and nature are trying to communicate to us that will help in predicting monsoons, earthquakes, floods, tsunami and other natural disasters using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms. Understanding the nature’s signals well means humans can take care of it well, which is the team’s objective.

Through the state-of-the-art project, the team will help speech impaired humans convey their thoughts; in turn conveying their emotions and personalities, get in touch with the cosmos and interpret it’s signals.

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