#UnileverPollutes: A Protest Rap Song From India Seeks To End 14 Years Of Injustice

 #UnileverPollutes: A Protest Rap Song From India Seeks To End 14 Years Of Injustice
The art of protest songs has long since been a creative outlet for artists and activists to take a strong stand against society's ills and downfalls. A few of these examples range from the use of songs during the Vietnam War or the Civil Rights Movement by Bob Dylan to India's own culture of protest songs, even the subject of  the National Award winning film, Court. The latest entrant in this list now seeks resolution not from war or social inequality but from one of India's oldest enemies - industrial pollution.

[You can view the rap song in question, below.] 

'Kodaikanal Won't'

The Factory

The Children Who Are Said To Be The Victims Of The Poisoning. Image Source: Kodai Mercury
Dr. Rakhal Gaitonde
"We have data to show that urine tests of workers showed exposure values as high as 300 mg/ml as well. What more evidence is needed to get compensation and rehabilitation for these workers?,

The Campaign

‘there were no adverse impacts on the health of employees or the environment’
‘this has been confirmed by independent studies’.
The Images Going Viral On twitter With #UnileverPollutes
Unilever is one of the largest FMCG companies in the world and it’s the largest FMCG company in India. Kodaikanal is something the company wants to put behind and not let it come out,
Archana Sekar
If you see Mr Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever on Twitter, he will once in a while talk to other CEOs about how companies should be responsible and talks about inclusive capitalism. Kodaikanal is something terrible on their track record,
Nityanand Jayaraman
"For all its talk of social responsibility, Unilever has behaved no different from Union Carbide in Bhopal.”
“Sofia had always been a friend of the collective. We thought that now was a good time to increase the pressure on the company and we approached her asking if she would be interested in doing the video,”

Sign the petition to support this movement. You can find out more about the movement and the struggle on Kodai Mercury.