Maharashtra NGO Is Crowdsourcing Information About Animal Accidents

Maharashtra NGO Is Crowdsourcing Information About Animal Accidents
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“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” – Immanuel Kant

We are a generation that is more compassionate towards pets and animals than to other human beings. We band together to safe keep these creatures even if we fail to do so with our belongings but yet our country is home to over 250 lakh stray dogs and cats. While thanks to a mutually beneficial option of adoption, this problem is reducing over time, the fate of many wild animals is to be road kill. Roads and Railway lines claim lives of many wild animals, some of which are even rare and endangered but what’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that scant data is available about their mortality.

In order to solve this problem, An NGO, Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) has launched a website where people can upload photos and information about animals getting into mishaps on roads, railway lines as well as irrigation canals. The data shared will help the researchers and road planners to help in reducing the wildlife mortality, by helping the authorizes enact measures at accident-prone spots.

The roadkill app can be downloaded from Google Play or directly from their website. According to Milind Parivakkam, a wildlife biologist from WCT “ The Roadkills app initiative aims to collect authentic data from concerned residents for use by government authorities as well as researchers to enable foreplanning of mitigation measures to minimize deaths and injuries to wild animals across the country.”Wildlife Conservation Trust hopes to democratize data collections and wishes other wildlife conservation organization to join hands with this initiative.