Malie’s Fashion Language Finds Beauty In Contrasting Cultures

Malie’s Fashion Language Finds Beauty In Contrasting Cultures

Ushering in an elegant simplicity in the sartorial revolution is homegrown brand Malie. Malie originates from the vision of combining two contrasting sartorial cultures; Pairing the Indian heritage of textile and embroidery with the light and breezy Scandinavian fashion, this is a homegrown brand that finds it fanbase in the contemporary fashionista.

Inspired by artisanal crafts, “Malie is an emerging womenswear brand offering timeless and innovative silhouettes to the modern woman. The brainchild of Amalie Othilia, Brandi Mikkelsen and Karandeep Singh Chadha, the New Delhi based brand is a visual celebration of the couple’s rich cultural backgrounds and the beauty born from those contradictions.

Hailing from Denmark, Amalie finds her inspiration in the sleek and minimalist elements of Danish Design. Karandeep, meanwhile, grew up marveling the prismatic variety of India’s vibrant and culturally abundant aesthetic. The couple came together to combine their individual design language into an intricate clothing brand that thrives off of a diverse fashion font that keeps it simple but succint.

From the handloom woven fabrics to the vivid hand block prints, each piece has been crafted to provide an exceptional, original design for all, without ever sacrificing comfort. It is their hope that their designs will allow you to create your own stories, elevating your every day.

Check out the label here.

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