Marijuana Mistaken For Methi: Family Falls Severely Ill After Consumption

Marijuana Mistaken For Methi: Family Falls Severely Ill After Consumption
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What began as a prank has resulted in the hospitalisation of six members of a family in Uttar Pradesh. In a very unprecedented situation, the family consumed a dish made with dried cannabis thinking it was methi (fenugreek). After complaints of dizziness and nausea, the family was admitted to a local hospital.

According to The Indian Express, the bizarre event took place in Miyaganj village in UP. Nitesh, whose family has been affected, had no inkling of the fact that Naval Kishore, the local vegetable vendor was selling him cannabis in the name of the regular fenugreek (methi) leaves. Oblivious to the latter’s prank, Nitesh took it home to supposedly enjoy a hearty meal of aloo-methi with his family.

A Times Now report states that after the family consumed this dish, their health began to deteriorate and they alerted their neighbours to call for help. In this duration members of the family had already fainted. The police then transported them to a local hospital for treatment. The report also states that the police investigated the matter by searching Nitesh’s house where they found the dish made from cannabis along with uncooked cannabis on the side. The police have since detained Naval who confessed to selling the cannabis as a joke. After a complaint is filed, a case will be registered on this matter.

Much to people’s amusement, the story is now doing rounds of social media as the ‘ganja sabzi’ story. Nitesh and his family are in recovery from this out-of-this-world experience and if anything comes out of this event, it is probably a severe aversion to aloo-methi for the rest of their lives.

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