Mumbai Police’s Adorable Introduction Of Their New Furry #Superheroes

Mumbai Police’s Adorable Introduction Of Their New Furry #Superheroes

The Mumbai police arrived at the Twitter party a bit late, but they more than made up for that with their witty tweets that took India’s Twitter-sphere by storm. Fighting crime with puns and memes, Mumbai police embraced the digital age as an attempt to bridge the gap in communication between a city’s police and its youth, using the online medium to draw attention to important campaigns in a new, innovative manner that has definitely garnered a large audience. Filled with ‘punny’ tweets, in the past they city’s police took on cyber stalking, humorously addressed the importance of following traffic rules and road safety, and a hilarious anti-drug campaign #HoshMeinAo. “We decided to bring in humour because that goes well [with the followers]. We also wanted to address a larger number of people, especially the youth,” said Ahmed Javed, retired Commissioner of Mumbai Police who prior to retirement had led his force’s online venture, speaking to BBC, adding that he wanted his force to become “more accessible” for the city’s residents, but he knew that “a dry and boring [Twitter] account would fail to catch the attention of the youth”.

Previously, you’d never consider using the words funny and police in the same sentence, in a positive manner at least, but Mumbai police’s Twitter account, launched in December 2015, has turned into a social media sensation and has definitely succeeding in connecting with the youth across the country. Most recently, the police force introduced their latest four-legged recruits via Twitter to the city. With a series of funny tweets and accompanying adorable pictures, we welcomed the new furry #SuperHeroes.

Happy to introduce you to the #SuperHeroes of @MumbaiPolice. Definitely our best friends!

— CP Mumbai Police (@CPMumbaiPolice) April 18, 2016

@MumbaiPolice jai ho mumbai police

— Arun Salian (@ArunSalian1) April 19, 2016

A sniff in time saves nine! #Superheroes
— CP Mumbai Police (@CPMumbaiPolice) April 19, 2016

With great duty comes great res’PAW’nsibility. #SuperHeroes

— Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) April 19, 2016

Carrying drugs? Our dog ‘nose’ it all! #SuperHeroes
— CP Mumbai Police (@CPMumbaiPolice) April 20, 2016

Introducing the most alert T-20 fielder this season! #Superheroes

— Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) April 20, 2016

“Waghya reporting on duty, Sir!” #Superheroes
— Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) April 21, 2016

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