Mumbai, This Bakery Has The Best Damn Chocolate Cake In The City

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate CakeMavs' Cakes And Bakes

You know what the real problem with Mumbai is? We’ve got too many options when it comes to food. From some of the best fries around town, momos for days, and some of the best damn street food out there — deciding what you want to binge on or order for lunch becomes a task. Now imagine craving for a simple yet purely sinful chocolate cake. Just a homely, pure chocolate cake, free of frills like salted caramel, strawberries, nougat or whatever else people throw in. It’s not like we don’t appreciate those creations as well but sometimes all you need is the original. When we discovered Theobroma’s perfect little chocolate tea cake, we thought all our chocolate cake problems were solved...until we stumbled upon Mavs’ Cakes and Bakes.

Tucked away in a discreet corner of Hill Road, is possibly the city’s best chocolate cake. Now, we know that seems like a presumptuous statement considering we’ve dedicated a whole article to chocolate cakes before (Mavs is on that list as well), but the last few weekly ‘Cake Days’ at our office have been dedicated to Mavs, and Mavs only. So clearly, we had to share our discovery with the world — more so when we discovered that Mavs’ offers a whole lot more — and it’s ALL DELICIOUS!

Besides the sinful chocolate cake (dense chocolate cake accompanied with layers and layers of rich chocolate ganache) on offer here that would bring out everyone’s inner Brucie from Matilda, they’re also well known for their breakfast options. Mavourneen Peters (a.k.a. Mavs) the person behind these delicious creations tells us that even though we’ve steadfastly stuck by their ‘Ultimate Chocolate Cake’, they’ve got cakes to rival our prime selection, namely: TheSerious Chocolate Cake’ which means business when it’s only made with almond flour and dark chocolate, baked like a meringue and loaded with rich chocolate ganache. Up next is the ‘Fudgy Chocolate Cake’ infused with a multiple shots of espresso for the caffeine lover, followed by theChocolate Sponge Cake’ iced with their creamy silky buttercream.

Image Credit: Mavs' Cakes And Bakes

Their chocolate cakes are available through the week, you just have to call them to have a slice (or a whole round, if you’re feeling ambitious) delivered. Here’s an insider tip though if you want a slice of their Ultimate Chocolate Cake — order it at noon itself because they sell out by late afternoon. Each slice goes for around INR 200 to 350 but be warned, you’re not going to be able to finish one slice by yourself because Mavs’ is big on quality and quantity.

Image Credit: Mavs' Cakes And Bakes

However, if you’re the kind of person who isn’t a fan of chocolate (cue horrified gasps from all of us here at Homegrown), Mavs’ has more to offer, such as their ‘Gin And Tonic Cake’, the ‘Irish Rumble Cake’ and their ‘HummingBird Cake’ topped with pineapple, dry fruits and a rich lemon sauce.

However, when brunch is on the cards, you’re definitely getting their Roast Beef Sandwich, Shepard’s Pie and their iconic Bacon Explosion which is bacon stuffed in a spicy sausage, wrapped in more bacon and then baked in their homemade BBQ sauce. Then again, we’re in love with their grilled cheese sandwiches too — in case you aren’t getting the hint yet, this is a post just filled with pure appreciation for the goods Mavs’ keeps pushing out.

Image Credit: Mavs' Cakes And Bakes

We have no doubt that a majority of you are going to check this out as soon as you can, but perhaps ordering in is the best option considering they have limited seating. As of now, they’re only delivering in Bandra but keep an eye out on Swiggy!

You can follow Mavs’ on their Facebook page here.

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