Mumbai, Try This 100% Vegan Burger Joint For Lunch Today

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Veganism in India is still picking up as a trend, although if you think about it — it really isn’t all that hard to go vegan in a country where a majority of us are vegetarian. You’ve just got to give up on that dollop of ghee we all love. But hey, before you shut this down as yet another vegan-positive article, we’re not saying, “VEGANISM IS THE ONE, TRUE PATH”, we’re saying, “There’s a burger joint that promises a healthy, delicious meal at a fairly decent price, and it just so happens to be vegan!”

When Vegan Burger Kitchen first popped up on our radar, we assumed the worst but decided to put our inhibitions away to give it a fair try. One look at their menu and we knew this wasn’t your standard ‘vegan’ establishment that tried to pass off vada pao as ‘delightful turmeric spiced potatoes tossed in gram flour from the finest fields, laid on gluten-free, kneaded dough baked fresh every morning’. Thankfully they didn’t quite go down the avocado and kale path either, but chose to stick to ingredients fairly common to the Indian palate.

From a simple Mediterranean (falafel and hummus) burger to the fancier Tofu and Mushroom burger, their menu incorporates ingredients together in ways you’ve never seen in a burger. Their bread is a little crumbly though making the burger a shaky mess, but hey, it’s not a good burger if you’re not licking your fingers after, right? Also, definitely opt for their Sweet Potato Fries on the side. They’re a healthier option and a pretty darn good side at that.

They also offer two desserts (both chocolate based and super rich), beverages and surprisingly, Vegan Mayonnaise Jars. So on an ending note, we’ve still got to admit that we’re not quite ready to make the shift to a vegan lifestyle (a good 80% of Homegrown definitely isn’t), but this week, maybe help the planet by going for a wholesome vegan burger, instead of your usual order elsewhere.

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