Music, Meditation & The Metaverse: An Indian-American Artist's Musical Dive Into NFTs

Music, Meditation & The Metaverse: An Indian-American Artist's Musical Dive Into NFTs

There aren’t many artists who make the choice of having a prayer dance track as their debut, but that’s the thing about Indian-American DJ and music producer Aasheesh Paliwal aka Shishi; he doesn’t fit inside a box. Perhaps the best way to define his artistry is unconventional and experimentative. He’s someone who isn’t afraid to break the predisposed boundaries and has time and again traversed sonic landscapes many have been afraid to dive into. It comes as no surprise then that his latest jump into the world of NFTs sees him as the newest and the most popular kid on the block.

Shishi’s foray into the virtual world of the Metaverse is where he wants to give you the best of music and meditation in that same vein. With his sophomore studio album, Chrysalis, he has opened the prospects for bidders to get personalized and customized meditations and alternative album covers via the NFT marketplace.

In the lead up to the release of the album, he has also introduced Oasis which is a virtual concert space on the Metaverse, where his fans can listen to different songs, experience guided meditations, and can also interact with his avatar. Those who buy an NFT will gain access to the virtual concert space.

Naming these events ‘CASHIR’ and hoping to host many of these in the future, Shishi wants his music and artistry to stand for more than just partying and escapism in the club. At the core of all his endeavours, is the need for his music to extend to a space and a world where people who feel like outsiders or misfits can feel a sense of belonging.

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