Okedolo’s Shaktimaan-Inspired Music Video Introspects On The Fall Of Our Heroes

Okedolo’s Shaktimaan-Inspired Music Video Introspects On The Fall Of Our Heroes
Image Courtesy: Okedolo

Patna-based multi-faceted, visual artist and music producer, Rohan Sinha is known for his electronic project Dolorblind, which is synonymous with long aching melodies and chord progressions, surging, dramatic crescendos, and hectic drums that slam the mix into the red; giving his productions a scarred IDM whimsy and a triumphant tone. Delhi -based producer, drummer, DJ and mix engineer Ishaan Gandhi aka Okedo is known for his roots in drumming and percussion; sprouting a lush soundscape of bad beats and undulated ambience. The two became a duo in a way that duos often happen; with two neighbourly women fixing their introverted kids to become friends. After collaborating as kids on a pokemon cards collection, they wouldn’t see each other again until two decades later at a gig – where expectedly they sat in the corner and bitched about everyone around them; rekindling their collaborative spirit. They have now fused their respective identities; ‘Dolorblind’ and ‘Okedo’ to form ‘OkeDolo’.

If ‘The Dark Knight’ taught us anything, it was “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” In the modern day and age of the internet, you mostly live to see your heroes say extremely problematic things. Whether it was the revelation of J.K. Rowling’s disturbing transphobic politics or closer to home when the beloved Shaktimaan revealed his extremely sexist ways of thinking.

This inspired Okedo to make a music video for their single ‘gooooood’ ft. #UnSanskariShaktimaan. The music video made by the label Export Quality Records evokes a sense of nostalgia as well as unfamiliarity as we see a man donned in Shaktimaan costume jamming to the peppy dance beats of OkeDolo. Of the single, Dolorblind said, “ When Okedo and I were little trouble-makers, our mothers put on Shaktimaan to shut us up. He was our hero. Our first love. Our legend who didn’t wear his briefs over his pants. But love doesn’t last forever. And we certainly don’t recognise our hero anymore.”

You can check out Dolorblind here.

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