Pineapple, Orange & Papaya: Try This Fruit-Fermented Coffee Range

Pineapple, Orange & Papaya: Try This Fruit-Fermented Coffee Range
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What better way to start your day off with a wholesome cup (or cups) of rich coffee? For someone who loves the beverage, it is far from easy to resist a daily dose of it.

In our quest to expand our very own armoury, we take note of coffees, which if not tried, will be a shame on our part. Adding to this list is Toffee Coffee Roasters.

With their range of specialty coffee, it is difficult to decide which one to pick. Flavours from different regions guarantee to tingle your tastebuds –– the Specialty Blends include a rich Blonde Caramel, Mysore Nuggets and more, while the Single Origin collection includes Peaberry coffee among others.

What catches our eye, however, is their Fermented Coffee range –– Arabica Beans are fermented with fruit pulp for a few days to add those earthy, fruity tones. Take your pick from Tangerine (orange), Annanas (pineapple) and Papáia (papaya) fermented coffee to quench not just your coffee craving, but also your curiosity.

Giving us a chance to uniquely fulfil out caffeine fix, Toffee Coffee Roasters may just be our new go-to for all things coffee.

Find Toffee Coffee Roasters here.

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