PornHub's Latest Statistics Reveal What Indian Consumers Are Really Into

PornHub's Latest Statistics Reveal What Indian Consumers Are Really Into

Indian history has a rich collection of some of the most valuable textual artefacts in the world. From philosophical narrations to religious sacred verses, there has always been an abundance of literature that covers every facet of human existence. Concealed between the expansive volumes of knowledge and information prevailing in the country lies the cornerstone of erotica- the Kamasutra. For a nation that birthed one of the oldest surviving texts on sexuality and desire, there surely is a blatant lack of conversation about the same within the population. Discussions pertaining to sexual identity are still received with apprehension, and any dialogue that discloses pleasure-oriented faculties of human life are avoided altogether. Regardless of all the hush-hush surrounding the subject, Indians do not seem to shy away from exploring their desires in solitude behind the soundness of closed doors.

Besides the Kamasutra, there are a number of hidden literature pieces that are exploring sex and sexuality through India’s best erotica.

Indians actively indulge in porn-watching (Illustration-Nidhi Iyer)

For a large portion of the global population, porn is a definitive medium that assists self gratification, and provides a space that allows them to explore their imagination. Pornhub’s 2018 review revealed a lot about its consumers, their preferences and patterns and it was interesting, but not surprising to see that despite the imposed porn ban, India ranked 3rd amongst the countries with the highest traffic.

Indians don't take long to get what they want (Illustration-Lakhi Soni)

Data suggests that India’s average time spent on the website in 2018 has increased, though by only 2 seconds - the average Indian spent 8 minutes 23 seconds on the website per session this year.

It’s also funny to note that statistically, Indians watch the least porn during Diwali!

Age demographic of Indian viewers (Illustration-Lakhi Soni)

The age demographic of Indian viewers ranged between 18 to 34, averaging the age of the country’s porn consumers to 24. Of the total traffic on Pornhub from India, about 30% of them were women, and this figure has not increased since last year.

Infact, it might interest you to read about five young Indian women who got real about masturbation.

Most porn consumption in India happens through phones (Illustration-Nidhi Iyer)

As for where all of this was watched, about 90% of users in India in consumed porn on a smartphone, thanks to the spread of internet connectivity and 4G access in the country.

Indians seek more homegrown porn than any other category (Illustration-Saumya Singh)
'Hot teacher' among one of the top searches in PornHub (Illustration-Lakhi Soni)

India’s interest with homegrown porn was evident, with most of the top searches containing the words ‘indian’ or ‘hindi’. ‘MILF’, ‘lesbian’, ‘threesome’, ‘big dick’ and ‘popular with women’ were the top 5 categories that were opted for by the viewers, and crowd favorites Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa held the throne for the most searched pornstars, 2 years in a row.

Mia Khalifa and Sunny Leone top as most searched pornstars (Illustration-Saumya Singh)
'Big dick' porn is a local favorite among Indian viewers (Illustration-Nidhi Iyer)

With India topping the charts of the world of porn consumption, it seems quite absurd that we choose to be close-lipped about subjects that involve the participation of a large part of the population. It would be ignorant to expect change in people’s attitude towards sexuality and sexual desires overnight, as this secrecy has been honed and maintained by generations before us. But even opening up to the idea of normalising this conversation is a step forward, and can encourage systematic reform in the way sexual pleasure is viewed and understood.

Illustrations done by HG Design team - Nidhi Iyer, Saumya Singh and Lakhi Soni

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