Project 23°N 69°E Marries Indian Culture & Progressive Fashion

Project 23°N 69°E Marries Indian Culture & Progressive Fashion
Project 23°N 69°E

One can embrace their roots in various ways –– art, music and design, just to name a few outlets. Even if it is through what we choose to wear, our intention to pay homage to our culture and heritage must be pure –– too many individuals put their love and hard work into making garments that exude India’s beauty for us to take it lightly.

Project 23°N 69°E is one such collection by designers Anas Shiekh and Anchita Bhattacharya that creates garments that suit the urban soul, yet capture India’s artisan groups’ talent perfectly. In collaboration with Khalid Amin Khatri and Sidr Craft from Kutch, the two designers have released a collection of one-of-one, gender-fluid and free size garments.

The collection consists of pieces made by hand block printing, hand painting, marbling, eco-printing and Bandhani. What we love is that the introduction of these techniques is not over the top, and allows each singular piece to have its own identity. No two pieces are similar, and are far from in-your-face in terms of colour or pattern.

At Homegrown, we remain fans of integration of Indian arts and culture with urban fashion, and Project 23°N 69°E hits the nail on the head –– rooted in tradition, but also progressive in fashion, just how we like it.

Look through Project 23°N 69°E here.

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