Project Nyay’ri: Providing Justice To Indian Women, Free Of Cost

Project Nyay’ri: Providing Justice To Indian Women, Free Of Cost
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The world is tough on women. In addition to a myriad of inequalities, a lack of support in various other forms plagues their daily lives. Many a time, the difficult process of gathering strength to tackle disparities is not enough to overcome them. The world often makes demands that are not governed by what’s merely right or wrong, but by affordability.

Project Nyay’ri, an initiative by two independent organisations, Project Naveli (founded by Navya Naveli Nanda), and Pink Legal (founded by Advocate Manasi Chaudhari), aims to empower women through legal awareness, mental health support, and peer-to-peer groups. The two founding women recognised the inability of many women to be able to afford these services, and have therefore have made them entirely free.

Combining the words nyay (justice) and nyaari (endearing and unique), the initiative is on a path aimed at instilling confidence in women who have had to deal with experiences harmful to their minds and bodies.

Project Nyay’ri recognises and addresses issues that are often overlooked; giving women the autonomy and resources required to lead a life devoid of trauma. The project also creates a space for their voices and is indicative of just how many women tread a lonely journey in search of some semblance of justice and equality.

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