QUOD's Wonderland Series Is Unconfined, Bold & Individualistic

QUOD's Wonderland Series Is Unconfined, Bold & Individualistic

Modern streetwear is rather mistaken in the Indian mainstream. Contrary to any popular notion of it, streetwear is a bold expression of the new India. It is an unconfined, boundary-less, and free representation of one’s identity through fashion, and not much about fashion gets better than that.

Streetwear label ‘QUOD’, short for the Latin phrase ‘quod erat demonstrandum’ (meaning ‘proving which was to be demonstrated’), is based in New York and New Delhi. Founder and Artistic Director Ikshit Pande’s vision is brought to life through fearless designs and execution, and their new ‘Wonderland’ series exudes the spirit of the brand.

Image Courtesy: QUOD

“Shot by Varun Sikka, the QUOD in Wonderland series of images set out to unpack all that the QUOD brand embodies. With a special focus on expressing one’s individuality, what is deeper than flesh and bones and residing inside is exhibited in all its uninhibited glory. As if the persona has turned inside-out and the world around has transformed according to such a vision.”

— Ikshit Pande

The series comes across as one with a deep intention to represent the universality of uniqueness. Each of our preferred forms of expression contributes to our identity, and outerwear has a lot to do with this. Providing the individual with a vehicle to carry aspects of our preferences, moods, and cultural influences, fashion and QUOD’s range specifically, holds importance.

Image Courtesy: QUOD

Ikshit’s personal influences are vast. His creative vision may be translated to tangible objects through QUOD, but its inspiration stems from things beyond touch. The brand is a collective result of all of them, and we are glad it is.

“Men, women, how they dress and style themselves, people on the streets, nature in a huge way, architecture and shapes in things and objects, there are a lot of things that inspire me. Although I do keep going back to nature. Perhaps because of my being born and brought up in the foothills of Himalayas, there is a recurring connection to nature and all of its forces.”

— Ikshit Pande
Image Courtesy: QUOD

The Wonderland series brings to fore all that QUOD is –– fearless, proud, and for everyone, the way they want it. It artistically puts forth the label and its intention and we’re here for it!

The Wonderland Series Team:

Photography: Varun Sikka

Art + Styling: Abhishek Pathak

Makeup: Anu Kaushik

Find QUOD here.

Find Ikshit Pande here.

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