Record Store Day: Attend These Pop-Ups & Listening Parties In Your City This Weekend

Record Store Day: Attend These Pop-Ups & Listening Parties In Your City This Weekend

There is a certain inimitable charm to listening to your favourite track on vinyl. These nostalgic emblems of yesteryear’s music culture offer more than simply a glimpse of the past. They also represent an era in music history that owed a significant amount of attention to the practice of putting a record on and the visceral experience that music listening once was. Decades later, these records have managed to morph into antique, collector items, home decor, and more.

Keeping this eclectic culture alive were small, independently run record label stores run by passionate collectors and aficionados who strive to keep the vinyl revolution alive. A small number of record stores spread across the country today continue to act as a portal to a time and place that is driven entirely by music and the passion that its curators had for it.

Honouring this culture, an annual event was launched back in the year 2007. Record Store Day is observed on the 23rd of April each year as an act of bringing together a thriving community of musicians and their listeners while reiterating the subculture that record stores across the globe have helped foster.

Record Store Day In India

The event originally birthed in Maryland, USA —— infectiously caught on to patrons in Europe, Australia and Japan where vinyl and record store culture is still active. India, on the other hand, had only a handful of vintage record stores that have been operational for generations. In the wake of the pandemic and with a growing global interconnectedness and interest in music, India also began witnessing the proliferation of new-age independent record stores that offer a refreshing perspective to rope in the youth into experiencing vinyl culture beyond its nostalgic face value.

This year, record stores across the country have decided to jump in on the annual event by giving their very own Indian twist to it. The events range from intimate listening sessions to multi-city pop-up stores. If you are someone who wishes to get involved and learn more about the culture or have been a part of it long enough to have a piqued interest in it, here are some events happening in your city this weekend.

I. Revolver Club Pop-Up, Mumbai

Subculture by Subko is an ode to indigenous treasures that range across mediums of art, music and more in the country. For this year’s Record store day, Subculture by Subko is collaborating with The Revolver Club, one of the earliest independent record stores to lead the culture in the country. This day-long pop-store at the Craftery by Subko in Byculla will also feature listening sessions across genres including Hindustani Classical, Indie, Jazz, and more. Entry to the event is free and will begin at 11 am. The pop-up retail space is also intended to give patrons a glimpse into ‘crate-digging’ culture which is popular in the west.

To know more about the event click here.

II. Kala Ghoda Records, Delhi

This quaint record store in Vasanth Vihar, Delhi is hosting an intimate gathering to observe this year’s record store day. A day filled with brews, beers and beats; this could be an ideal visit for those looking to enjoy a calm Saturday with good company, music, and drinks. Entry for the event is marked through prior intimation to the team via Instagram. The event will also feature live band performances along with a range of 3000+ records to explore.

To know more about the event, click here.

III. On The Jungle Floor, Bangalore

Originally an online record store and music discovery site, On The Jungle Floor is hosting an exclusive, invite-only listening party for its members this record store day. With a laid emphasis on s close listening of D’Angelo’s Voodoo and Cleo Sol’s Rose In The Dark, this event is complemented by drinks, music, and a range of curated vinyl.

To know more about the event, click here.

IV. Amarass Records, New Delhi

For those enjoy Sufi, poetry, Qawwali, and more — Amarass records in Delhi is hosting an intimate, limited capacity event hosting live performances from Lucknow-based musician Askari Naqvi and listening sessions with a curation of exquisite vinyl. This is a ticketed event and will be held at the UNESCO World Heritage Sunder Nursery in New Delhi.

To know more about the event, click here.

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