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 CP Kukreja Design Trophy 2024 poster by NASA India
CP Kukreja Design Trophy 2024NASA India

Every year more and more people move to the city trying to make a living, but how livable are these cities? Centred around the philosophy of community living, a homegrown design competition aims to improve the living index of urban areas through architectural ingenuity. Urban landscapes around the world are a mosaic of bustling neighbourhoods and high-density areas, often marked by neglected spaces that hold immense potential for transformation. Often called urban voids, these under-utilised spaces are opportunities waiting to be reimagined into community hubs that foster social interaction, inclusivity, and well-being. This year’s CP Kukreja Design Trophy challenges young architects and design enthusiasts across India to envision community spaces within these neglected urban areas, emphasising innovation and sustainability while addressing the unique constraints of high-density environments.

Reimagining community spaces means breathing new life into places forgotten by time. It signifies an opportunity to create environments that are inclusive, accessible, and responsive to the needs of diverse urban populations. The goal is to transform these spaces into dynamic community centers that promote a sense of belonging and connectivity despite the challenges posed by limited physical dimensions. Participants are encouraged to think creatively about how to repurpose and revitalise these spaces, ensuring that they serve as multifunctional areas that cater to a wide range of activities and user groups.

Community involvement is the most important factor. Engaging local residents and stakeholders in the design process will ensure that the resulting spaces reflect the true needs and aspirations of the community. This approach not just enhances the relevance and impact of the design but also fosters a stronger sense of ownership and pride among the community members. Reimagining community spaces in high-density urban areas is a mission that marries the constraints of urban living with the limitless possibilities of creative design, reminding us that even the smallest spaces can make a significant impact on the social and ecological fabric of our cities.

The design trophy is organised by the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), the world’s largest architectural student-run organization. Founded in 1957 with just seven colleges, it has grown to include over 350 colleges and more than 66,000 students, making it a significant voice for architecture students across India. The association aims to provide a platform for learning and interaction among students from diverse cultural backgrounds and functions as a non-profit and non-political organisation.

The CP Kukreja Design Trophy for 2024, under the theme 'Urban Harmony: Reimagining Community Spaces', aims to inspire young architects to breathe new life into neglected urban areas. By focusing on high-density environments, participants are challenged to propose community-centric designs that enhance social interaction, inclusivity, and well-being. The competition encourages innovative solutions that harmoniously integrate the natural environment and the needs of diverse urban populations.

Through initiatives like these, NASA India not only nurtures the creative potential of future architects but also contributes to the betterment of urban living. By fostering a spirit of innovation and community involvement, the CP Kukreja Design Trophy 2024 is set to inspire designs that will transform neglected urban voids into inclusive and sustainable community spaces, enriching urban lifestyles and fostering a sense of belonging among city dwellers.

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