A Homegrown Guide To Indian Inclusive Swimwear Brands

Homegrown inclusive swimwear brands.
Homegrown inclusive swimwear brands.Marteeni, Sazo.

How to have a beach body?

Step 1 - Have a body

Step 2- Go to the beach.

The commodification of bodies through the "beach body" and "bikini body" narratives has unfairly restricted the joy of simple pleasures like swimming to specific body types. Rejecting these limiting narratives, there's a growing movement to respect and embrace all body shapes, encouraging individuals to reclaim beach time without conforming to unrealistic standards set by the media & fashion industry. In this shift toward body positivity, here are 4 homegrown swimwear brands that are leading the way by offering size-inclusive options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time at the beach, regardless of their body type.

Swimwear by Marteeni
Swimwear by MarteeniMaarteeni


Maarteeni, situated in Noida, Delhi, is a swimwear brand with a strong commitment to environmental consciousness. Established just a year ago, the brand sets itself apart by prioritizing mindful creation over mass production. Demonstrating a dedication to sustainability, Maarteeni's fabric comprises 90% recycled plastic waste and 10% stretch material. Embracing inclusivity, they offer sizes up to 3XL.

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Swimwear by Sazo
Swimwear by SazoSazo


Launched in 2020 amid the pandemic, Sazo, founded by Saoni Daini and Priya Suvarna, is the result of their exploration into unique, unconventional prints. As the Creative Director and Co-founder, they infuse their designs with playful prints, doodles, and vibrant colors. Worn by celebrities like Sara Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon, Sazo is designed for those who enjoy experimenting and adding a playful touch to their swimwear collection. Emphasizing inclusive fashion, Sazo swimwear accommodates all sizes and body types across its collections.

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Swimwear by Flirtatious
Swimwear by FlirtatiousFlirtatious


Flirtatious, a sustainable and inclusive swimwear brand, aims to provide comfort, style, and alignment with contemporary trends. Through its commitment to the 'made-to-measure' philosophy and sustainability, the brand is revolutionizing the swimwear industry one fashionable piece at a time. Recognizing the diversity of body shapes, Flirtatious empowers women of all sizes to embrace their uniqueness, fostering a positive impact on both individual style and the environment.

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Swimwear by Nadi Nadi
Swimwear by Nadi NadiNadi Nadi

Nadi Nadi

Nadi Nadi offers an outstanding and timeless collection, featuring bikini tops, bottoms, sets, and one-pieces. The dual-tone sandcastle set is a much-loved piece, offering flexibility with the option to order different sizes for the top and bottom. Additionally, their one-size-fits-all modal satin printed sarongs complement swimsuits perfectly. The size range typically spans from XS to 2XL, and each design can be customized to your precise measurements.

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