Ekaya’s Latest Collection Blends Kashmiri Paisley With Banarasi Brocade

ZAR - Ekaya's Fall Winter '23 Collection
ZAR - Ekaya's Fall Winter '23 CollectionEkaya

The birth of the paisley pattern has its roots in the Kingdom of Kashmir during the Mughal era. Initially adorning shawls with curving flowers, the design evolved, absorbing influences from China, the Middle East, and India. The paisley journey continued as it traversed borders and cultures, translating artistic influences into its distinctive shape. Fast forward to the 19th century, the East India Company ushered paisley shawls into Europe, adapting designs to suit regional tastes. As the intricate pattern gained popularity, it found a unique identity in the small Scottish town of Paisley. Here, British production of woven shawls soared, with Kashmiri imports maintaining their allure despite higher prices. The term 'paisley' became synonymous with the pattern, reflecting the Scottish town's immense contribution to its production.

In this intricate dance between tradition and innovation, Ekaya's latest Fall Winter 23 Collection, ZAR, takes centre stage. Renowned for seamlessly blending heritage with contemporary flair, Ekaya stands as a beacon in the realm of wedding saree collections and bridal innovations. c, offering a plethora of Banarasi Brocade sarees, lehengas, and statement blouses.

Kashmiri Jamawar artistry in Pistachio Green Saree & Blush Pink Lehenga from ZAR
Kashmiri Jamawar artistry in Pistachio Green Saree & Blush Pink Lehenga from ZAREkaya

The pièce de résistance in the ZAR collection is the Jamawar winter saree range, a splendid fusion of Kashmir's diverse textiles and Banarasi tradition. These silk sarees, intricately woven with elements like Suzani embroidery and Jamawar techniques, redefine the narrative of designer sarees for weddings.

As we delve into the colour palette of Ekaya's ZAR collection, non-traditional winter saree hues come to life, presenting an exquisite choice for wedding sarees for women. The craftsmanship and detailing, especially in the iconic paisley motifs, underscore why Ekaya is the epitome of sought-after designer sarees for weddings and Banarasi silk lehengas. The Zar Jamawar Lehenga, a testament to Ekaya's dedication to artistry, showcases grandeur infused with Jamawar weaving motifs—a perfect bridge between past and present for those seeking a banarasi silk lehenga.

The Master Jamawar Lehenga & Handwoven Ivory Silk Lehenga from ZAR
The Master Jamawar Lehenga & Handwoven Ivory Silk Lehenga from ZAREkaya

Ekaya's ZAR collection transforms the way we perceive wedding sarees and silk lehengas, introducing an eclectic mix of hues reminiscent of the Jamawar tradition. In this collection, tradition and modernity converge, presenting a symphony of elegance and innovation for the contemporary bride.

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