Raw Mango’s New Collection Highlights The Quiet Intimacy Of Goa’s Suzegad Lifestyle

Suzegad Festive 2023
Suzegad Festive 2023Raw Mango

If there's one place you think of when you wanna chill, it's Goa. Every trip to the state is like a switch-off button to the race of life and a portal to essential living. The 'chill' is embedded in Goa's culture which is also where 'Susegad' comes from. the essence of 'Susegad,' a Portuguese term that encapsulates a serene, laid-back way of life embodying an informal approach to love, free from artificiality, social norms, or expectations, inviting one to bask in simplicity and comfort. For Goans, this concept is not merely a notion but a genuine way of life, particularly in the tropical climate. Raw Mango, the distinguished handloom brand directed by the skilled textile designer Sanjay Garg, artfully weaves this essence into its newest collection, 'Suzegad Festive 2023'.

The campaign for the Suzegad collection, resonating with an intimate wedding narrative, seamlessly integrates the diverse cultural tapestry of the state. A captivating storyline follows a Goan lad preparing to wed a young woman hailing from a family of inter-faith origins. This narrative echoes the ethos underpinning the designs in the collection, underscoring the beauty of cultural amalgamation.

The campaign visuals depict an intriguing blend of traditional and contemporary attire. The groom eschews conventional tuxedos for a resplendent brocade lungi, while the bride dons a striking Raw Mango sari, specifically a knotted Kunbi style, exposing a bare shoulder, adorned with a Balinese crown. Contrasting this cultural medley, the banquet scene also features a striking yet harmonious combination of pink candles, fine cutlery, and slices of pizza, offering a refreshingly unconventional and intimate take on wedding feasting.

Diversity echoes within the fabrics, silhouettes, and design influences of the Suzegad collection. Mughal motifs and polo-neck blouses blend seamlessly, while Varanasi brocade, a quintessential Raw Mango signature, finds its way into the delicate saris and gharara sets. Additionally, the inclusion of aari embroidery in some of the jackets, often intricately quilted, adds a sophisticated touch. Despite these diverse influences, the collection remains rooted in the essence of Goan culture, evident through every meticulously crafted detail.

In essence, Raw Mango's Suzegad collection emerges as a homage to the Goan way of life, seamlessly blending traditional elements with contemporary influences, thus embodying the spirit of 'Susegad.' With a diverse yet cohesive narrative that celebrates the beauty of cultural amalgamation, the collection stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to intricate craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

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