Ritviz’s New Music Video Is A Heartfelt Ode To Mother-Son Relationships

Ritviz’s New Music Video Is A Heartfelt Ode To Mother-Son Relationships
Image Courtesy: Ritviz/ Reema Sengupta

Since his debut, Indian Electronic-music mainstay, Ritviz has established an unrivalled niche for himself. What attracts most people to his music is his sense of composition and the way he’s able to meld modern, pop-centric production styles and soundscapes with his eclectic traditional influences; using his ear for melody to put together songs that resonate with our inherent tendency to gravitate towards things that are fresh, yet familiar all at once. There’s an instant ‘dancibility’ to most of his songs and a groove that makes even the most stubborn of his detractors bob their heads despite themselves.

His new music video for the single ‘Aaj Na’, off his debut album Mimmi, is a heartfelt & soulful ode to relationships between mothers and sons everywhere. It opens with a poignant scene of ostensible heartbreak and what follows is a moving journey that depicts the strength of a mother’s love and the bond between children and their parents. Director and writer Reema Maya’s choices of shots, as well as the framing and the background of each scene, relay an emotional weight that anyone who’s experienced the end of a relationship will be all too familiar with.

From the sadness and the darkness that engulfs them at the beginning to the bright, quirky playfulness that represents the healing that we all sorely need in times of emotional distress, the video leaves no stone unturned in showing us the importance of our families showing us love, compassion, patience and kindness, particularly when our hearts are broken.

You can watch the music video via the link below.

Music Video Credits
Conceptualized and Produced by CATNIP
Writer-Director - Reema Maya
Executive producers - Reema Maya, Surekha Sengupta
Producer - Agastya Bhatia
Director Of Photography - Malay Prakash
Production designers - Akshaya Krishna & Sheldon Rebello
Costume Stylist - Indrakshi Pattanaik


Adarsh Gourav as Son
Sheeba Chadha as Mother

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