SPRYK’s Curation Is A Fresh Mix Of Electronic Music, Indie Sounds & Homegrown Artists

SPRYK’s Curation Is A Fresh Mix Of Electronic Music, Indie Sounds & Homegrown Artists

July 28, 2020 came as a welcome wave for alternate, indie, and electronic music stans. Received profoundly by music aficionados nation-wide, the second edition of ‘Red Bull Premieres’ brought to shore with it, a tide of fresh, genre-defying hits from artists around the country. Featuring an interesting blend of chill-house grooves, indie soundscapes ,and soulful vocals, this spirited mix of releases curated by ‘Skip-A-Beat’ co-founder, SPRYK, makes for an ideal quarantine listen.


SPRYK is the moniker of Mumbai-based mixed media artist, Tejas Nair’s electronic-music and art exploration outfit. Ranging from critically-acclaimed art-installations, immersive audio-visuals to Ambisonic sound engineering for VR (virtual-reality) and next-gen gaming, SPRKY’s creative portfolio is expansive. Tejas applies top-end production technology in emulsion with his creative inspiration to concoct a seasoned blend of Art and music.

His soon-to-drop studio album, APEX was born as a result of an exclusive commission by India’s underground music festival, Magnetic fields. The album’s festival-debut awed audiences with its never-seen-before fusion of sonic styles with vivid visuals. Curated with purpose of showcasing the true potential of human creativity, the project is a product of modern sound technology working in harmony with conscious art direction.

Besides being label-head, founde, and DJ at indie record label, ‘Skip-A-beat’, Tejas also runs an audio production house, Press Play Studio which has been instrumental in concept development, visual curation, and programming of the EyeMyth New media Arts festival. His other eminent work includes collaborations with sport giants, Adidas and Puma.

About Red Bull Premieres – 2.0

Conceptualized, curated, and brought to life By SPRYK, the second edition of Red Bull Premieres aims to highlight novel releases from avant-garde artists. The primary purpose of the series is to provide homegrown talent a platform to showcase their music and to pioneer the growth of alternate & indie music in India. The recent edition of the series features four diverse tracks, each featuring the distinct sound, style, and soul of the parent artist.

The current catalog comprises music from six sonic-creators, Anushka Nadia Menon, Akshat Naurial, Karan Kanchan, Ramya Pothuri, Parimal Shais and Hanumankind. Yesnomaybe is graphic-film and motion-design artist, Akshat Naurial’s music moniker and he makes his Red Bull debut with a groovy, melodic-techno inspired tune, ‘The other’. Anushka’s eponymous solo project led to her Red Bull-backed release ‘Take’ which features a unique arrangement of Indie soundscapes layered over an atmospheric bassline. Gully Gang’s official producer and trap music Shogun, Karan Kanchan collaborates with pop-vocalist Ramya Pothuri to produce a mellow, chill-house-type tune; While Bangalore rap sensation Hanumankind partners with producer Parimal Shais to drop a flaming hip-hop banger.

The second edition of Red Bull Premieres also boasts a second collateral in form of a podcast hosted by SPRYK himself. The podcast features candid interviews with each Red Bull Premieres debutante, where the artists share their creative process, musical inspiration, and personal journey.

To watch the podcasts, tune in to Skip-A-Beat’s Instagram

Karan kanchan : left ; Ramya pothuri : right

Wonder: Karan Kanchan & Ramya Pothuri

Karan Kanchan from Mumbai has spent the past decade finessing his production skills and getting accustomed to a diverse set of sounds that set his tracks apart. Ramya Pothuri is a pop-vocalist originally from St Louis, now making music in India. The song is a stark departure from Karan’s signature style of hard-hitting basslines and percussion. The track features a motley of soft melodies, tropical sounds, and house-inspired beats; its an attempt at diversifying their musical footprint.

Primal Shais : left ; Hanumankind : right

S.L.A.B: Hanumankind & Parimal Shais

Houston-raised rap-prodigy Hanumankind may have spent a majority of his early years in Texas, but his real roots lie in India’s culture-rich south, namely the Malipuram district in the north of Kerala. The punch and flow in his music can be attributed to his strong southern influence. Fellow Kerala-based music producer Parimal Shais linked up with HMK to propose a collaboration over beats he had sampled for his new EP. Their common cultural background and collective vision towards carving out a niche for English-rap in India, led to the birth of Slab, their Red Bull Premiere debut.

Featuring proud references to the south side and its culture, Hanumankind’s unapologetic verses layered over Parimal’s tasteful beat, give the track its distinct sound.

Akshat Nauriyal (Yesnomaybe) visual Art

The Other: Yesnomaybe

Akshat Nauriyal’s foray into music comes in the form of a new-age melodic-house and techno-influenced number. Co-founder at India’s contemporary and urban art festival ‘St+art India’ , Akshat has been a powerhouse of creativity in disciplines like motion design, graphic-art, and films. Having championed visual arts and films, his release under the moniker, ‘Yesnomaybe’ is an attempt to translate his artistic drive in a language of sounds. Having been in the works for over a year, Akshat’s single ‘The Other’ features painstaking production details as well as an arsenal of unique sounds.

If you enjoy electronic sounds or identify as an alternate lover in general, we recommend you check out Akshat aka Yesnomaybe’s Red Bull Premiere debut single.

Anushka M (menon) visual art

Take: Anushka

Long-running fashion photographer, veteran disc-jockey, and indie music connoisseur, Anushka’s Red Bull Premiere release take is a groovy tune characterized by its electro-house roots. The song makes crafty references to the cancerous ‘troll-culture’ that plagues our society, while serenading listeners with its soft, somber tone. The use of edgy breaks and bass heavy beats give Anushka’s single ‘Take’ a dark, seasoned veneer.

If you’re an indie, electronic or pop-music fan, we strongly recommend you give her track a listen.

You can hear all the tracks here

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