T X T ‘Beyond Gender’ Collaboration Marks An Inclusive Wave Of Fashion

T X T ‘Beyond Gender’ Collaboration Marks An Inclusive Wave Of Fashion

The undeniable human tendency to place things into easy little boxes and see the world in black or white fails to depict the true picture. Aiming to start a conversation that strays away from the binary and paves a middle path that is inclusive and relevant is the latest collaboration between Tann-ed and Akshay Tyagi.

Tann-ed, an inclusive accessory and bag brand has joined forces with Akshay’s design sensibilities to create T X T Beyond Gender, a collection that celebrates the beauty that evades the ordinary. A brainchild of Ritika Gupta, Konpal Batra and Rakshit Singh, Tann-ed originated in 2019.

With varied skillsets and a common passion, the brand’s design approach creates the perfect blend between the classic and the modern. Tann-ed’s range of premium mask chains and range of accessories are eclectic and functional.

This collaboration opens the door to conversations that move across rigid gender norms, smudging the linearity of the concept, with bags designed for all. Constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion between the reel and the real world, Akshay brings his experience and knowledge of the fashion world, as well as the functionality of accessories, to the Tann-ed table. The collection brings to life a plethora of colours across neoprene with leather to better reflect styles that move away from extreme gender sides to a more fluid middle ground with classic Tann-ed elements such as the zippers, stitch lines, and contrast edge details still staying prominent throughout the collection.

View the collection here.

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