Take This Cruise From Mumbai To Maldives For A Perfect End To The Year

Take This Cruise From Mumbai To Maldives For A Perfect End To The Year
Costa Cruise

The Costa NeoClassica is a cruise ship with 654 cabins, balconied suites and an accommodation for 1,700 guests. It holds within its quarters a gym, along with steam rooms and a spa; two swimming pools and four whirlpools. What could possibly make this floating spectacle even better? This luxury ship takes you right from Mumbai to a tropical paradise, the Maldives.

At INR 37,499 per head for an interior cabin and INR 47,499 for a cabin with the view of the vast blue ocean, it will definitely put a dent in your account balance. But not only does it include all meals, but also on-board entertainment. You have access to everything from the theatre acts to ballroom dances, game rooms and the casinos. The Costa NeoClassica makes sure you’ll never be bored.

The ship departs from Mumbai on the November 25 and arrives at Male, the capital city of the Maldives, on the December 1. You’d stop at Mangalore and Kochi on the way, both of which you will have the opportunity to discover however you’d like to. However, the ship doesn’t take you back to Mumbai after the cruise ends – you’d have to book flight tickets back to the city separately. Nevertheless, if there’s a perfect way to travel to the stunner that is the Maldives, it’s via the sea, and what better way to do it than onboard the magnificent Costa NeoClassica?

Get a complete breakdown of the itinerary and book your spot here.

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