'The Legend Of Arana' Is An Animated Short That Captures The Magic Of Malayalam Folklore

The Legend of Arana
The Legend of AranaStudio Eeksaurus

With a mischievous glint in his eyes and an unquenchable thirst for folk storytelling, the revered folklore maestro, 93-year-old PNK Panicker, returns with "Arana Puranam," the much-awaited sequel to the beloved 'Kandittund!'

Kandittund offers a peek into Kerala's life with Malayalam folklore characters. Emerging from 93-year-old P.N.K. Panicker's vivid tales, these characters inhabit a world filled with ghosts and ghouls, brought to life in the short film.

The Legend of Arana
'Kandittund' Is A Short Animated Film Breathing New Life into Kerala's Classic Legends

In The Legend of Arana, Mr. P.N.K Panicker, through his animated avatar, is set to narrate how Arana, the humble red-tailed skink, gained its famous origins. His anecdotes create a mesmerising narrative, revealing how this humble reptile earned its renowned trait. As Panicker regales us with his tales, the air resonates with anticipation, promising a legendary lore. 

For cultural context, entwined within the lives and stories of these individuals are the enduring legends and myths that uphold the indigenous culture of the area. The Arana stands as both a myth preserved in ballads and a belief deeply embedded in the minds of locals. Cultivated over years through storytelling, it instills a sense of dread among them, imparting the notion that the Arana is perilous, capable of delivering a fatal bite with instant consequences.

What sets Panicker's storytelling apart is his insistence on embracing the inexplicable and the mystical. His narratives go beyond the boundaries of logic, urging listeners to surrender to the whims of gods, creatures, and legends. It's a chance to immerse oneself fully in the essence of folklore, relinquishing the constraints of practicality for the sake of complete fascination.

Arana Puranam is a short film for those who find solace in faith. It unfolds the story of a chameleon and Arana, both summoned by a deity to complete a task, promising to grant their wishes in return. Panicker's stories, tinged with suspense, humour, and childlike innocence, offer a delicate balance., asking you to suspend disbelief and revel in the magic of folklore.

Infused with suspense, comedy, and even elements of faith and morality, his narratives captivate audiences by combining the charm of oral folk storytelling within the confines of a short film medium. This amalgamation of elements not only engages viewers but also draws them into a space where the extraordinary intertwines with the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on the essence of storytelling itself.

Panicker's storytelling carries the nostalgic essence of stories shared by grandparents, capturing the zeitgeist of an era steeped in the olden times. His stories encapsulated the energy of the place, consisting of the routines of people and the amalgamation of the beliefs people around the time held. In the backdrop, his son, Suresh Eriyat, the creative director, is heard listening to the tale, adding a subtle rhythm to his father's narration.

Studio Eeksaurus proudly introduces the perpetually youthful 94-year-old PNK Panicker he recounts the endearing tale of the beloved Arana. Through this visual journey, we're granted a peek into his everyday life interwoven with supernatural elements, blending influences from films, oral traditions, and the rich legacy left behind by storytellers of the past. Watch the Legend of Arana above.