This Diwali, Add Fetus’ Futuristic Storytelling Playing Card Deck to Your Collection

This Diwali, Add Fetus’ Futuristic Storytelling Playing Card Deck to Your Collection

We all know playing cards never go out of style, right? 

Playing cards have stood the test of time as a perennial source of entertainment, engaging people of all ages. Beyond their utilitarian function, playing cards have evolved into coveted collectibles.

Fetus, the streetwear brand that's all about blending fashion, culture, and tech, has taken it up a notch with their limited edition deck called 'Revelations of Subbarow'. Just 145 limited decks of playing cards with a futuristic twist with designs that are out of this world, literally.

Founded on themes of identity and nonconformity, Fetus weaves a irresistible narrative centered around its protagonist, also named Fetus, who finds himself banished from his home planet and now calls Delhi his abode. With a steadfast adherence to leveraging web3 technology, Fetus aspires to transcend traditional fashion boundaries, offering customers a experience both in the physical and digital domains.

Fetus' motto is "Forget the hype culture. Embrace new aesthetics." It's a call to arms for brands to ditch the same old, same old and embrace a fresh, individual style with its manifesto, "The Birth of New Aesthetics”. This manifesto calls for a renaissance in fashion, inviting brands to eschew hype culture in favor of a new, authentic aesthetic.

In the world of Fetus, the cards feature a holographic printed backside and gilded edges, exemplifying the meticulous attention to detail that defines these cards. Printed on linen pressed German white core paper, the deck offers a seamless handling experience, ensuring that each draw feels like an artful encounter.

But that's not all, Fetus doesn't just do cards. These stories are told through chapters, drops that tell a piece of Fetus's story through clothes, accessories, and and even extend to unique artworks like NFTs, art books, and posters. Each item invites us in Fetus's world, offering a tangible connection to the brand's larger narrative.

Fetus takes pride in delivering more than just clothing; each item arrives in a Tinbox, accompanied by extra trinkets like an artbook, poster, and a manifesto pin. It's a whole experience.

This Diwali, Add Fetus’ Futuristic Storytelling Playing Card Deck to Your Collection
A Narrative-Driven Indian Streetwear Brand Is Intersecting Immersive Technology & Web3

Revelations of Subbarow' is not just a collectible, but a portal into a neon-drenched world where imagination knows no bounds.The cards are a fusion of art, narrative, and technology while also challenges the conventional norms of fashion. So, if you're up for a deck of cards that's not just for playing games, but a piece of art and storytelling, Fetus has got your back. 

With no restocks, only 145 decks remaining, get your collectible cards here. Follow Fetus here.