The Old Monk Fest: Attend A Food Festival Dedicated To India's Favourite Drink

The Old Monk Fest
The Old Monk FestLe Cafe

More than just India's National Drink, Old Monk has etched itself into the collective memories of college students, the older generation, and those who witnessed the dawn of independence. It has become a cherished favorite, resonating with diverse demographics over the years.

The 7th Edition of the highly anticipated Old Monk Fest is set to take Mumbai by storm, bringing with it a month-long celebration of the iconic rum at Le Cafe and Via Bombay in Chembur. The festival, renowned as Mumbai’s largest alcohol-infused food festival and the only one dedicated to Old Monk in the country, promises a nostalgic journey through the flavors of this beloved Indian rum.

Le Cafe, in Chembur, comes with a delectable menu that pays homage to the late Mohan Meakin, the visionary behind Old Monk. The fest aims to celebrate the start of the year by reigniting the senses and recollecting groovy memories associated with this timeless drink. The festival runs from January 20th to February 20th, offering an extensive All Day Menu from 12 pm to 11:30 pm.

The fest not only celebrates the spirit of Old Monk but also honours the legacy of Mohan Meakin, the man behind India’s No.1 selling rum brand. This year, Le Cafe collaborates with Via Bombay, introducing a fusion of Asian and Indian dishes and cocktails to complement the occasion. Both establishments boast an array of European, Mediterranean, and Continental dishes paired with the rich and versatile flavours of Old Monk.

Le Cafe presents a diverse range of Continental and Italian dishes such as Drunken Chicken Slider, Rum Glazed Prawns, Monk-infused pizzas, the Rummy Lamb Burger, and the Pappardelle in Old Monk Ragu Pasta. The culinary journey at Le Cafe concludes with the exquisite Desert Jamaican Smoke Bomb’e, offering a sweet finale to a memorable celebration.

Via Bombay adds an Indian twist to the Old Monk Fest, featuring Monk Masala Pani Puri, Tandoori Rum Twist Chaat, Patiala Rum Wali Dal Makhani, and Old Monk Rumwala Mutton and Murgi versions. The feast culminates with Tipsy Gulab Jamun and Mon-K-ulfi. Complementing the soul-pleasing offerings are cocktails like Monkgria, Raspberry Monk Refresher, Old Monk Coffee, and Monk’s Passion.

As the festival unfolds, both Le Cafe and Via Bombay will pulsate with the energetic vibe of upbeat tunes, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Old Monk. The festival is not only a culinary delight but also a platform for enthusiasts from all corners of India, making it a sought-after and terrific experience for the audience.

It is an event that will transport you into a world of nostalgia, exceptional cuisine, and the enduring spirit of Old Monk at Le Cafe and Via Bombay. The fest is a celebration of the golden memories associated with Old Monk that continue to hold a special place in the hearts of many.

Event Details

What: Old Monk Fest

Where: Le Cafe & Via Bombay, Chembur

When: January 20th to February 20th

Price for Two: ₹1000/-

Timings: 12 pm to 11:30 pm