These Indian Destinations Will Make You Wish It Was Monsoon All Year Round

These Indian Destinations Will Make You Wish It Was Monsoon All Year Round

The period between July to September is usually ones most urban Indian cretins dread and who could blame them? It tends to imply dried muck on the backs of your calves, failed public transport and the debilitating stench of damp people in damp spaces, usually spread out across piles of damp garbage. But even those averse to the wet chaos can appreciate the sheer beauty of a grey monsoon when they’re not succumbing to the catastrophes of it. We got so carried away with our peer-out-the-window daydreams, we decided to shine a little light on all the places that are most beautiful when they aren’t getting any.
Here are some of the country’s most incredible monsoon destinations.

I. Darjeeling

Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is one of the most naturally scenic places in India. Also known as the Queen of Hills, Darjeeling is famous for its boarding schools, tea plantations and dense evergreen forests. However, it is less known that Darjeeling can also double up as the perfect monsoon getaway. It receives very heavy rainfall during the monsoons, which can be enjoyed by visiting the many monasteries and enjoying the peace and the lush green blankets of trees and plantations all around. For the adventurous, river rafting and trekking provide a rare experience. For the nature lover, a visit to the national parks is heaven on earth itself. Apart from the evergreen forests made of sal and oak trees, one can also find rare orchids. The forests also harbour a myriad of rare animals, some of which include rare species of ducks, gulls, the one-horned rhinoceros, leopards and the endangered red panda. And of course, you can enjoy all of this with a plate of pakodas and special Darjeeling tea!

Image Via : Saurabh Boundopadhay

II. Meghalaya

III. Ratnagiri

IV. Nainital

V. Coorg

VI. Munnar

VII. Kodaikanal


IX. Panchgani

X. Valley of Flowers

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