These Old Rail Coaches Will Soon Be Homes For The Needy

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A true testament to sustainable development in our democracy is the recent announcement of the Centre’s usage of worn out rail coaches as a means to shelter the needy in states necessary. This resolution follows its last popular decision in November, 2016 to auction similar coaches, which were then converted into libraries and restaurants.

The government of Telangana intends to use the carriages as a temporary solution until construction of the full-fledged shelters is completed. With winter arriving soon, this initiative could be a blessing in disguise for those homeless people who are desperately waiting for the fruition of public housing projects. The Telangana Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (TMEPMA) has administered the urban local bodies to map out and locate 21 areas where such housing projects are to be raised.

Suresh Prabhu, the ex-railway minister suggested this idea to the ministry of railways, stating that he derived satisfaction from the notion of reusing the coaches, particularly owing to the fact that they already come with berths and water closets. Also, there has been an issuance for installation of water supply and sewage treatment alongside with meeting demands of the citizens who could dwell in these coaches.

In a letter to the state governments, director in the ministry of housing, Archana Mittal declared that the ministry of railways is offering exhausted railway coaches as temporary housing. The deserted carriages are to be revamped with funds dispensed by the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Livelihoods Mission (DAY NULM), provided they receive authorization to do so. An additional possibility is that of using the railway carriages as an alternate solution in the event of a natural disaster. With proposals like this one, we hope to see even more productive utilization of pre-existing assets in the near future!

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