This Shelter Is Saving India's Abused Donkeys; Here's How You Can Help

This Shelter Is Saving India's Abused Donkeys; Here's How You Can Help
The Dodo

In India, it’s not uncommon to see hobbled, haggard looking creatures waiting forlornly at the roadside with no apparent homes to go to and until the birth of The Donkey Sanctuary India, nobody took much notice of this pitiful affair. This establishment is an offshoot of the parent organisation Donkey Sanctuary UK and are currently funded by them. Although they began their work in 1998 they weren’t officially registered as a charity until 2002 and since have set up projects in five cities across India.

The original Donkey Sanctuary was founded by Elisabeth Svendson who channelled her love for donkeys into a small charity in 1969. With her tireless work the organisation grew first spreading across the British Isles and later becoming an International Initiative. Her dream was of a world where donkeys could live free of suffering and their contribution would get the value that it deserves.

India is unfortunately a huge culprit in the mistreatment of mules and donkeys. This is most commonly seen when they’re used for transportation of heavy loads on building sites and brick kilns, in the sweltering heat they are overburdened and forced to work inhumane hours often without adequate food or water. This is usually because the owners usually come from a low-income background where their priority is to feed the family first and the donkeys later, if at all.

DSI puts the health of donkey’s first, whether it’s mobile health clinics or street performances to raise awareness they’re always working towards the betterment of the country and the welfare of India’s animals. These clinics visit areas with high numbers of working donkeys and provide the much needed medical attention for the animals.Their collaborations with existing animal welfare organisations are slowly ensuring donkeys get the opportunity to live full and happy lives. Hopefully DSI will continue to grow and its tireless work for these much maligned animals will result in a safer future for the donkeys of India.

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