This Trek Lets You Explore The Mystical Caves of Meghalaya

This Trek Lets You Explore The Mystical Caves of Meghalaya

One of the seven sisters of the North East, Meghalaya is one of India’s most beautiful states. This “Abode of Clouds”, rightful to its claim of being the wettest place on planet earth, is hidden in the hills of Eastern sub- Himalaya range. Abundantly blessed with tropical rainforests, sacred groves, mesmerizing waterfalls, unexplored mountains, melodious rainfalls, crystal clear waters and much more, one can experience the epitome of nature’s beauty and charm in the arms of this state.

One of the gems from this treasure chest are the caves of Cherrapunjee. Perched on a headland, Cherrapunjee is an entrancing place in Meghalaya, set high above the misty valleys, amidst the deep gorges and bubbling rivers gurgling through the fluffy clouds and lush green meadows. Having around 750 caves in Meghalaya, only 150 of them are fully or partially explored.

These caves are one of the longest caves not only in India, but also in the world. A home to nature’s phenomenal creations, these caves have been shaped over thousands of years. Made from limestone and sandstone, the abrasions of the underground water has moulded the caves into something much more than just natural beauty. The caves are rich in rock formations, like stalactites, stalagmites and unique patterns formed on the walls in various colours that leave one captivated. A challenge for the adventurous kinds, one has to wade through the waist high, bone chilling waters, navigate through tough and pointy areas and avoid slippery surfaces. Some caves are so narrow that one has to crawl through them to reach the other end, the dark and the damp atmosphere adding to the buzz. A home to one of the rarest species of bats, these caves are a must visit to explore the wild, virgin caves and the thrill of caving!

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