Thursday Qawwali Nights At Delhi's Nizammudin Dargah Are A Hidden Cultural Gem

Thursday Qawwali Nights At Delhi's Nizammudin Dargah Are A Hidden Cultural Gem

It’s surreal to hear the mesmerising sound of qawwali as you pray and your mind leads you to a spiritual and peaceful place.

Jab Kahin Pe Kuch Nahi Bhi Nahi Tha

Wahi Tha Wahi Tha Wahi Tha Wahi Tha

(“When there was nothing everywhere, you were there, you were there.”)

Sitting in a dargah as you pray for all the good things in life, for love and compassion, these words seem to resound in your ears as if translating what you feel in your heart at that very moment.

The Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia in Delhi is a dargah that you cannot miss to visit, especially on a Thursday. The Thursday qawalli night is one of the oldest traditions of the dargah that has been carried by the Nizami Brothers, descendants of the Nizamuddin Auliya family who have been singing here for 700 years. A legacy that has never ceased to be a force of nature with their talent and unnerving dedication to the dargah, the qawwali night at Nizamuddin is a once in a lifetime experience

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An authentic experience of how the Dargah has been for years and years, the brothers sit in the main courtyard in front of the place where people go to offer their prayers. No matter the weather, people flock in to sit around the brothers and listen to their qawwali all evening. It’s a sight that once seen, stays with you forever. What you see are talented cultural musicians sitting with their harmoniums with people all around them, dedicating their music to God.

It is normal for the locals of the area and for tourists to be seen on qawwali night. However, for the people of Delhi, this culturally monumental dargah and a heritage hot spot are lesser-known. Whilst planning outings and excursions, qawwali night at Nizamuddin is usually overlooked. One of the oldest local concerts in Delhi, the qawwali sang by the famous family leaves you fascinated and in a state of spiritual euphoria. With qawwali like Kun Faya Kun, Aaj Rang Hain, Chhaap Tilak and many more, you fall in love with Sufi music and find yourself going back home and finding that very qawwali on the internet. The only difference is that the Spotify version doesn’t beat the live and authentic sound and the only option left is to come back again.

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For someone visiting the dargah for the first time, it is important to keep a few things in mind. It is important to carry something to cover your head. In case, you forget too, make sure to buy something from the multiple shops outside the dargah. While you are at it, remember to buy the chadar with flowers as it customary to give your prayers and respect when you enter the dargah. Washing your hands and face before you enter is also extremely crucial to be respectful of the customs and practices of the holy destination.

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