Treats On Wheels: 50 New Food Trucks May Be Coming To Mumbai

Treats On Wheels: 50 New Food Trucks May Be Coming To Mumbai

When you spot a food truck, there is almost always a possibility that the food is immensely satisfying. In addition to the fast and street-style food, the surroundings of a bustling area make you enjoy the meal even more. Sometimes, it is supremely fulfilling to leave behind your more refined palette, and make the most of flavour-packed food on take-out plates.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) of Mumbai is aiming to introduce 50 food trucks in the city, and has put forth a detailed food truck policy for approval from the law committee. The corporation is also planning to allocate 25 per cent or 50 per cent of the locations to women’s self-help groups.

Following the philosophy of ‘food on wheels’, the slots for the trucks will be planned out, however, they will not be allowed to travel from one location to another. Pending approval of the policy, the BMC will float tenders and seek bidders willing to run the food trucks. The policy also states that the trucks will be placed in high footfall areas (parks, education institutes, tourist spots, etc) for 36 months, but not near existing restaurants.

After the finalisation of the locations, to ensure everyone’s comfort, there will be a 15-day period for citizens to send their feedback. The civic officials will make sure that the residents near the trucks have no objections.

The approval of the policy will also mean accessible food for many workers across the city and go a way to ensuring that affordable, tasty, and fast food is for everyone. Mumbai, you’re in for a treat (or 50)!

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