Try Your Hand At Witchcraft & Wizardry At These 4 Magic Schools Across India

Try Your Hand At Witchcraft & Wizardry At These 4 Magic Schools Across India

The National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata, included a new module that focuses on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series to help students better understand the practical application of law. Not just a step away from the usually drab curriculum, this news came as a refreshing surprise for all Indian Potterheads aspiring to be lawyers. But what if you don’t want to be a lawyer but have always dreamt of leaving rooms full of gaping mouths awestruck with your magic tricks?

If you are among the Indian Potterheads who want to do away with Rowling’s sad portrayal of the Patil twins (mostly used as token representations of the Indian community) and try your hand at magic, then fret no more because Homegrown has curated for you a list of Indian magic schools from across the country that will help you bring to reality your fantasies of conquering the wizarding world.

I. Magic World

Where: West Bengal, Assam and Punjab

The school came into existence with the aim of magician, Abhisek Sarkar to teach magic to everyone and provide career opportunities to magicians. “We wanted to promote the ancient art of magic with new inventions, technologies and manufacturing,” he told the Free Press Journal. Today, Magic World is a society of magicians registered with the government, offering a wide range of short and advance courses for aspiring magicians, ventriloquists and illusionists. The school has its branches in states of West Bengal , Assam and Punjab, and is also a facilitator of the magic shows of all scales in these regions.

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II. The Academy of Magical Sciences

Where: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

The academy was set up by magician, Gopinath Muthukal in the year 1996, to teach the art of magic to interested individuals. He aimed to dispel the image of magic as being paranormal and promote it as an art and science to the people of the country. Its new branch Magic Academy Research Centre functions as a shelter for heritage magic where performances by traditional street magicians take place on a regular basis, which in-turn helps in their upliftment. The academy is known to have conducted three major magic conventions in the years 1998, 2000 and 2006.

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III. Delhi School of Magic

Where: New Delhi

The idea for the school came to magician Raj Kumar when he realised that he could teach the art to people without giving any importance to their family background. “An art that is not shared never prospers. That’s why magic never saw any real upliftment in India. It just stayed behind the sweeping capes as no one tried to spread the knowledge further,” Kumar explained to the Free Press Journal. Unlike the other institutes , the Delhi School of Magic doesn’t have a physical premises. It offers a three month course followed by a nine-month performance tour to its students.

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IV. Sangeeta School of Magic

Where: Gurugram

The school is the brainchild of magician Sangeeta Kapoor known to have built a name as a Global Magic Entertainer. The institute has a course to offer to everyone. It has a course for people looking to adopt magic as a hobby along with having a professional one for aspiring magicians. There are also provisions made for taking these courses online.

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